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16 Custom Tile Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Pizza Oven

Feb 10, 2022

Custom tile designs allow you to personalize your Forno Bravo pizza oven, injecting some of your own personality and style to make it 100% unique to you.  Both the Vesuvio and Napolino are available with a huge range of customizable tiles that can be chopped and changed in whichever style you like, but the majority of our pizza ovens are customizable in some way.  Whether you’re looking for a Forno... Read More

10 Countertop Ideas for Your Wood Fired Oven

Feb 10, 2022

Countertops serve multiple purposes when coupled up with a Forno Bravo Pizza Oven Kit. First of all, you need somewhere to craft your homemade pizzas. Though don’t forget that there are loads of dishes you can cook in a Forno Bravo oven as well – check out our community cookbook for heaps of ideas there! Countertops also dictate whether or not you’re creating a more comprehensive dining space or just... Read More

Idea Center: Indoor and Outdoor Oven Options

Jan 31, 2022

Wood fired ovens can be found in both indoor and outdoor kitchens all over the world. While outdoor settings are more common, they are far from the only place to install this style of oven. Peruse below to see several favorites submitted by customers and installers in a variety of settings and styles. These samples will help get your thinking cap going as you consider upgrades and extras that can... Read More

Red Stucco Oven_outdoor kitchen

Community Question: What is Your Oven Inspiration?

Dec 17, 2021

Our November 2021 Community Question was all about oven inspirations. What inspired you to buy or build your wood fired pizza oven? We received several responses from previous customers and have included a few other responses we’ve received from our social media inputs, testimonials, and contests as well. The overall sense of what we heard was ‘Don’t be afraid to dream big,’ and that ‘love of food’ and ‘Italy’ have... Read More

20 Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Wood Fired Oven Kit

Dec 15, 2021

Since Forno Bravo was first established way back in 2003, we’ve seen our customers incorporate our world-famous pizza ovens into some brilliant and downright crazy designs! Lovingly crafting the perfect designs for your pizza oven is a massive part of the fun, probably second only to firing up the oven for the first time and cooking your first homemade pizzas! All of the designs you’re about to see incorporate our... Read More

Favorite Wood Fired Foods and Pizza Toppings

Nov 18, 2021

October 2021’s Community Question was all about favorite wood fired foods and pizza toppings. The creativity you can display in a wood fired oven is almost endless.  Below, you will find several responses from our community to help spark your imagination and stretch your comfort zone as you move beyond the typical pizza box to a whole new world of deliciousness. (They came up with some pretty delightful pizza topping... Read More


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