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Cucina Pizza Oven Stand – Modular kits for oven hearths

cucina100-stand-forno-bravo-main-showroomCucina Pizza Oven Stand – Modular kits for oven hearths
cucina110 pizza oven standCucina Pizza Oven Stand – Modular kits for oven hearths
pizza oven manufacturer, gas pizza oven, wood fired pizza ovens, pizza oven for home, commercial pizza oven, cucina standCucina Pizza Oven Stand – Modular kits for oven hearths
Pizza Oven Stand Cucina StandsCucina Pizza Oven Stand – Modular kits for oven hearths

The Forno Bravo Cucina pizza oven stand  is a line of modular stands for any residential oven we sell.  This versatile diy oven stand is ideal for any Modular Pizza Oven Kits like the Giardino, Casa2GPremio 2G, Pompeii, Gas Pizza Ovens and Artigiano but also work very well with the Toscana fully assembled ovens.

The Cucina pizza oven stand makes it easy to give any oven a custom, built-in look—without the effort and weight of building a concrete block (CMU) stand.  This can save you several days in construction since the steel frame doesn’t have to be stacked like masonry block and cured.

The Cucina pizza oven stand reduces the weight of the overall construction of your built in ovens by over a thousand pounds.  The Steel frame and cement board weighs about 400 Lbs without any decorative facade or hearth.  Plus the concrete hearth required is less than 2″ thick with 3/8″ rebar as opposed to the standard 3 1/2″ hearth common on masonry stand hearths.

The Cucina Series pizza oven stand comes in eight sizes, fitting ovens up to a 48″ cooking surface (Premio 120).  The size of the stand corresponds to the wood-fired pizza oven.

  • Giardino 60 takes a Cucina 60, etc
  • Casa 80 takes a Cucina 80 setc.
  • Artigiano product is always plus one in size, Artigiano 80 requires Cucina 90
  • Premio product is always plus one in size, Premio 100 requires Cucina 110
  • Pompeii, refer to your oven plans before selecting as brick used, hearth size and other factors controlled by the mason (or you) drive the stand size.

If you wish to extend the landing, or build a small prep area outside the oven, you can buy a larger Cucina pizza oven stand and pick up extra space. Each size increases by 4″ of surface area front to back.

The Cucina oven stand is comprised of a knocked-down metal frame and pre-cut, pre-drilled backer board panels for the exterior. The stand can be assembled in minutes using a standard wrench and screw driver.

After assembling the Cucina pizza oven stand, the installer simply pours standard concrete into the pre-formed hearth tray—and then places the Forno Bravo oven on top. Check out this installation video.

The stand and oven enclosure can be finished in a wide range of materials, including stucco, stone and brick.  The Artigiano pizza oven in our showroom is installed on a Cucina oven stand using a rock facade finish.

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Cucina110 Modular Pizza Oven Stand Dimensions: 58"W x 66"D x 39"H Buy Now

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