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New Forno Bravo Logo

Aug 13, 2013

All good things must come to an end. After ten years, we have decided to retire our medieval bread baker, the Papyrus font, and our old logo. We have opted for a more modern look, with a crisp font and a stylized flame. We really like it, and we hope you do as well.   The new logo is now working its way into all things Forno Bravo, including,... Read More

Forno Bravo Community Cookbook

The Forno Bravo Community Cookbook Get Social. Again.

Jun 14, 2013

  The goal for the Forno Bravo Community Cookbook has always been to create a resource where wood-fired ovens lovers can get together and share recipes, techniques, photos and comments. So we are happy to be announcing the latest version of our FB Cookbook application. We now make it really easy for you to post your own recipes and photos, and we will soon be adding User Blogs, where you... Read More

Forno Bravo

NY Times — eCommerce Sites Cut out the Middleman

Apr 01, 2013

There is an interesting phenomenon highlighted in the NY Times today — a growing number of eCommerce sites actually make their own products, rather than acting as intermediaries between the manufacturer and the end customer (think Amazon). Their lead example is a start-up, Warby Parker, an eyeglasses web site. I say this is interesting, because it is a trend that Forno Bravo have been involved in for years. We are... Read More


Stale Bread, Panzanella, Dutch Tomatoes and the EU

Mar 31, 2013

I was writing about food waste and bread storage the other day and mentioned that many traditional recipes call for stale bread — including Panzanella. Like many wonderful Italian dishes, it relies on a short list of high-quality ingredients. In this case, tomatoes, bread, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. If each ingredient is great, then the dish is great; it’s only as good as the weakest links,... Read More

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Massive, Open, Online Course (MOOC) — on Food, Physics and Engineering

Mar 29, 2013

There is a huge change coming to education. Massive, Open, Online Courses have the potential to fundamentally change the way everyone learns new things — from high school and college kids, all the way up to older types. The industry is exploding, with new online institutions and classes emerging every day. Among the more interesting ideas is that massive class sizes and online teaching and testing infrastructures will give educators... Read More


The New Navigation Comes to the FB Store and FB Forum

Mar 27, 2013

 A quick update on We have rolled out the new navigation, header and footer to the FB Store and the FB Forum. I really like the way it looks and it makes it much easier to find interesting stuff on If you find anything that doesn’t work for you, be sure to let us know. More application updates are on their way.   Read More

Work, work, work.

Feb 18, 2013

To quote the Governor in Mel Brooks’s classic “Blazing Saddles”, it been nothing but work, work, work. haha. Which is just a joke so that I can say that I’m sorry that we have not been diligent at blogging for the past couple of weeks. There are lots of really good things to share, and I will go into more details a little later. But again — sorry that I... Read More

wood-fired newsletter December 2012

December Wood-Fired Newsletter

Dec 16, 2012

The December 2012 Wood-Fired Newsletter was distributed last week. If you did not received your own copy, you can Read It Online Here. We started the Forno Bravo Newsletter in May 2008, and we have been distributing it each month for mid 2009 — over 3 1/2 years. I want to send a big thank you to the team that is responsible for writing, producing and distributing this wonderful publication.... Read More

wood-fired newsletter november 2012

November Wood-Fired Newsletter is Here

Nov 28, 2012

You can read the November 2012 Wood-Fired Newsletter on-line. Or, you can sign up to get your own copy. Read More


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