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Forno Bravo is UL certified in US and Canada

Forno Bravo is UL Certified in US and Canada

Forno Bravo residential pizza oven and commercial pizza oven products are Intertek-ETL listed in the United States and Canada.

Our UL certified commercial wood fired pizza ovens and commercial gas fired pizza ovens for indoor and outdoor applications include the Professionale, Modena2G, Roma and Napoli series ovens.

Our residential UL certifications cover the modular pizza oven kit, and by extension, the fully assembled pizza oven versions of their respective modular ovens.  Certified products include the Casa2G, Premio2G, Toscana, and Vesuvio series ovens.  Please note, our residential ovens are certified for wood fired use in outdoor and indoor applications, as well as for gas fired use in outdoor applications only.

See UL Listing For Residential: Forno Bravo Models Casa 2g and Premio 2g Residential Solid Fuel & Gas Pizza Ovens

See UL Listing For Commercial: Forno Bravo Models Modena 2g, Napoli, Roma and Professionale Commercial Solid Fuel and Gas Pizza Ovens

Intertek ETL Listed C USIntertek_ETL_Listed_C_US

Browse UL Listings at Intertek specDIRECT – Company: Forno Bravo, LLC.

Summary of Certifications

UL737 standard covers residential wood stoves and fireplaces. UL2162 and ULC ORD 2162 (for Canada) are the standards for commercial wood fired baking ovens (refractory type.) If a building inspector will be approving your installation, be sure to use an oven that is listed to both UL737 and UL2162. NSF/ANSI-4 covers health and sanitation issues for restaurants. ANSI-Z83.11 and CSA 1.8 both cover product safety for commercial gas cooking appliances.  ANSI-Z21.58 and CSA 1.6 both cover outdoor cooking appliances. Finally, ULC S627 regulates space heaters using solid fuel (wood) in Canada.

The Professionale, Roma, Modena2G or Napoli ovens are approved for restaurant installation with either a direct connect UL103HT rated chimney flue, or with a Type 1 Hood.

Here is the list of Forno Bravo ovens that are covered by our certifications.


ANSI Z21.58-2018, CSA 1.6-2018, UL737-2011, UL2162-2014, ULC S627-2000, ULC/ORD 2162-2013, and NSF/ANSI4-2007 for Wood Fired Ovens and Gas Fired Ovens for Home Use in the United States and Canada

Casa Modular Oven Kits


Toscana Assembled Ovens*


Vesuvio Assembled Ovens*


Premio Modular Oven Kits


*The Toscana and Vesuvio oven models are factory-finished versions of the Casa2G refractory oven core. They are certified by extension, based on the test results and engineering review for the Casa2G core.


ANSI Z83.11-2016, CSA 1.8-2016, UL737-2011, UL2162-2014, ULC/ORD 2162-2013, and NSF/ANSI-4-2007 for Wood Fired Ovens and Gas Fired Ovens for Restaurant Use in the United States and Canada

Professionale Series

Professionale 110 Wood Kit
Professionale 110 Gas Oven Kit
Professionale 120 Wood Oven Kit
Professionale 120 Gas Oven Kit
Professionale 110 Assembled Wood
Professionale 110 Assembled Gas
Professionale 120 Assembled Wood
Professionale 120 Assembled Gas

Roma Series

Roma 110 Assembled Wood
Roma 110 Assembled Gas
Roma 120 Assembled Wood
Roma 120 Assembled Gas

Modena Series

Modena 120 Wood Oven Kit
Modena 120 Gas Oven Kit
Modena 140 Wood Oven Kit
Modena 140 Gas Oven Kit
Modena 160 Wood Oven Kit
Modena 160 Gas Oven Kit
Modena 180 Wood Oven Kit
Modena 180 Gas Oven Kit
Modena 120 Assembled Wood
Modena 120 Assembled Gas
Modena 140 Assembled Wood
Modena 140 Assembled Gas
Modena 160 Assembled Wood
Modena 160 Assembled Gas
Modena 180 Assembled Wood
Modena 180 Assembled Gas

Napoli Series

Napoli 120 Assembled Wood
Napoli 120 Assembled Gas
Napoli 140 Assembled Wood
Napoli 140 Assembled Gas

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