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About Us

Meet Forno Bravo

Forno Bravo was founded with a mission to bring high-quality wood and gas fired brick pizza ovens to commercial restaurants and home chefs around the world. Our offerings include our handcrafted, fully-assembled units, robust modular oven kits, free DIY Pompeii Brick Oven plans, and now mobile ovens and trailers as well.

When you buy a Forno Bravo oven, you get the benefits of our advanced engineering and proven designs manufactured in the USA. You also get the support of a fantastic community of owners and pizza lovers over 28,000 members strong, (and that’s just in our Online Forum alone!) Our in-house support team and dealer network are just a phone call or email away, and our website is constantly being updated to enhance your wood fired oven experience with:

  • Technical and building resources,
  • Innovative recipes,
  • Wood Fired cooking tips and accessories,
  • Restaurant support, and
  • Photos from the factory and the field!

Our History

What started as a time of living in Italy, falling in love with wood fired cooking, and learning from master builders, became a desire to spread the joy of artisan pizza and wood fired cooking to others.

Founded in 2003, as a DIY and import company of Italian pizza ovens, Forno Bravo has grown to be one of the leading pizza oven manufacturers in the world. We began with time-tested, Italian-oven design principles, and then added modern methods and materials, technological innovations, and robust construction practices. The results? We now offer the widest line of beautiful and efficient, wood and gas fired brick pizza ovens on the market today for restaurants and families to enjoy! You can click here for an overview of our diverse products.

Acquired in 2014 by family-owned, Superior Precision Sheet Metal, Corp., we were able to increase our production capacity and technologies, grow our product lines, and improve our outreach to commercial and backyard chefs exponentially. More people than ever have become interested in healthy cooking and the value of spending time together; Forno Bravo is right at the heart of that vision and we are excited about the future of our industry, our company, and our Wood Fired Community!

Forno Bravo Manufacturing Facilities

Made in the USA — Our California and Colorado Factories

At Forno Bravo, we believe in attention to detail. We proudly control every aspect of our manufacturing process. We blend raw materials to our proprietary formula, then cast and assemble our refractory pizza ovens and fireplaces at the Forno Bravo factory in California. We also do welding and metal fabrication, along with other manufacturing and finishing in this facility as well.

Our Bella stainless steel pizza oven line is designed and manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art, metal manufacturing facility in Colorado. This high-capacity factory also produces several steel support components for various Forno Bravo products.

Learn more about our Factories, Product Certifications, and Showroom.

Building Skills and Sharing Stories

Education and training are central to the Forno Bravo mission. We invest a lot of time and energy into our website, It is a treasure trove of information on brick pizza oven theory, the how-tos of wood fired cooking, and stories from chefs and customers.

We want to assist you in discovering the same passion for wood fired cooking that our team has found! This is why we focus so much on education about brick oven cooking and host the industry’s most extensive set of free resources for you to enjoy. You can plan, learn, and stay involved long after you embark on tasting or creating your first artisan wood fired pizza.

Visit our Community, Resources, and Cooking pages to get started.

Company Overview & Timeline

Sometimes a snapshot is worth a thousand words. Enjoy this short journey through our company’s history. There is so much more to come and we look forward to the future!

Timeline of Forno Bravo History

A Brief Overview of Forno Bravo’s Company History and Product Development

Why Forno Bravo?

While you are here, let’s explore just a few of Forno Bravo’s technological advantages that set our quality wood and gas fired pizza ovens apart from the competition!

Polymers and Formulation — It’s all about the blend.

We believe that chemistry counts. Part of why our refractory domes last longer and can handle more temperature swings than traditional brick pizza ovens is the proprietary blend of ingredients and polymers that make up our refractory material. We include several formula components noted for their heat holding properties, while our polymers add strength and stability during repeated heating cycles. Bricks or refractory material without these components and space-age polymers break down much quicker, heat up more slowly, and cool down more quickly than Forno Bravo ovens.

Learn More >>

Industrial insulation — Baby, it’s cold outside.

Our ceramic fiber insulation was originally designed for the steel industry. Lightweight, thin, easy to work with, and incredibly efficient, these insulation blankets and boards outperform older materials, like vermiculite or perlite. While the inside of your oven may be roaring hot at over 1,000°F, the outside will stay a cool 140°F or under. Great insulation means great oven performance, better fuel economy, and less scorched fingers. Now that’s a win-win-win!

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Designed for Flexibility — To infinity (or Napolitana Pizza) and beyond!

Some pizza ovens can only do one thing well. We intentionally design our oven proportions to serve real-world kitchens where flexibility is a valuable asset. Amazing pizza in the evening, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. True artisan hearth bread baking today, steaks on a Tuscan grill tomorrow. Super high heats or a low, slow burn, Forno Bravo has your wood and gas fired cooking needs covered.

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  • If you are comparing brick pizza ovens and still asking “Why Forno Bravo?” Check out our Top 10 List – a fun look at more of our Core Technologies and their benefits!
  • New to the world of wood fired pizza and cooking? Visit our Pizza Oven Glossary to ‘learn the terms’ and find out what this experience of Food, Family, and Friends is all about!
  • Take a trip through our easy to use Selection Wizard to pick an oven that’s right for you!

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More About Us

Interested, but still want more? We’ve got it for you! Learn about the history of brick pizza ovens, our factories, showroom, diverse product lines, and customization options, plus a Top 10 List of our core technologies, explaining why you’ll want to choose a Forno Bravo oven for your wood fired needs! Come get to know us better and join our wood fired community.

Core Technologies >>

If you are comparing brick pizza ovens and asking “Why Forno Bravo?” Check out our Top 10 Core Technologies and their benefits for you!

Our Factories >>

Forno Bravo ovens are proudly manufactured in the USA at our world-class factories in California and Colorado. Come take a peek into where state of the art equipment and our talented craftsmen make the magic happen.

Our Showroom >>

Located at our Castroville, CA factory, our showroom is open Monday to Friday for customers to view samples of many of the oven models we manufacture, including a look at the inner structures present under the outer finish layers.

History >>

Want to learn more about the development of brick ovens around the world? This page will show you ovens preserved in the ruins of Pompeii, Italy, as well as other styles and materials that have influenced our current oven designs.

Customization is King >>

At Forno Bravo, we don’t put our branding all over our pizza ovens. We strongly believe that we are making YOUR oven, not ours, and it should reflect your style, brand, and taste! View our Pizza Oven Gallery to get inspired.

Product Diversity >>

With the broadest range of brick pizza ovens for commercial and residential owners on the market today, Forno Bravo has a pizza oven for every application! From DIY, to kits, and fully assembled showpieces, see our diverse family of products!

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