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Modular Oven Kit

Modena2G Pizza Oven Kit

Modena2G Oven Kit.

modular professionale Pizza oven kit

The Professionale Oven Kit.

4 inch thick Modena2G Pizza Oven dome

Massive, 4″ thick Modena2G interlocking dome pieces.

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Designed for customers who either do not have forklift access to their kitchen, or who want a custom stand or enclosure, the Forno Bravo Modular Pizza Oven Kits provide everything you need to install your oven—either wood fired, or gas with gas/wood Combo. Two people can carry each piece upstairs or through a standard doorway.

Each Forno Bravo commercial gas or wood fired pizza oven kits features a massive, fully interlocking dome with an integral vent, and a 2 1/2″ thick industrial baking tile floor. Unlike other oven kits that do not include the insulation and mortar that are necessary for proper assembly, the Forno Bravo Oven Kits include everything you need—including ultra-thick 100% ceramic insulation for both the oven dome and floor.

There are two Forno Bravo Modular Oven Kit product families:

  • The Professionale OK Series. A family of smaller oven kits designed for restaurants looking for a wood or gas fired oven to compliment their other cooking equipment.
  • The Modena2G OK Series. A family of ultra-premium oven kits designed for high-volume, high-throughput pizzerias and restaurants looking to feature an Italian-style oven.

Every Forno Bravo modular pizza oven is designed to continuously maintain the 800ºF+ baking temperature required for 90-second Pizza Napoletana.

Modena2G pizza oven kit features Click to read more about the Modena2G Oven Kit Features.

Read the Forno Bravo Commercial Oven Homepage to learn more about our complete family of commercial ovens. Or, click see more detailed information on the Professionale Series and Modena2G Series ovens.

Learn more about the industry-leading Forno Bravo Gas Burner System—it bakes just like a real wood fire, but with the benefit of a powerful modulating flame to conveniently maintain consistent temperatures.

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What’s Included with a Forno Bravo Modular Oven Kit

Oven dome with integral vent;
Firebrick tile cooking floor;
Steel door with thermometer:
Complete 4″ (side) – 6″ (top) ceramic dome insulation;
Complete 4″ ceramic floor insulation;
Refractory mortar.


Forno Bravo oven tray, stand, and red metal surround
Forno Bravo Commercial Gas Burner System
Decorative brick arch
UL-compliant chimney system
Type 1 stainless steel hood – ETL listed to UL standards

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