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Forno Bravo's 2014 Winter Contest photo

The Biggest Forno Bravo Photo Competition Ever

Mar 02, 2014

We just posted the newest submissions for the Winter 2014 Forno Bravo Photo Competition, and I am happy to say that this is our best contest ever — both in terms of quantity and quality. I want to thank everyone who sent us their photos, and let you know that we will be taking new submissions for at least a couple more weeks. You can find the contest by clicking... Read More

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Forno Bravo newsletter

The Forno Bravo Newsletter Is Out Today

Feb 26, 2014

The Forno Bravo Newsletter Is Out Today! We sent out the February 2014 FB Wood-Fired Newsletter today, which contained the new Roma commercial pizza oven (more to come on that), a Pizza Quest video, and the Winter 2014 (Snow!) photo competition. If you haven’t read your copy yet, check your inbox. You can also find this month’s newsletter, and all the back issues by clicking You can sign up here... Read More

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Casa Home Pizza Oven Winter Photo Bovina NY 3

Artistic Wood-Fired Oven Picture

Feb 23, 2014

You will probably recognize the Bovina, NY location from a previous photo of a wood-fired oven, but I think this is a very well executed photograph. Nice! The second photo is “winter roast bird, ala snow shovel”. That’s serious wood-fired cooking! 🙂   Read More

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Casa Home Pizza Oven Winter Photo Grand Rapids MI 2

Winter 2014 Snow Best Pizza Oven Competition Photos

Feb 21, 2014

Here is the page with the first great photos of  the best pizza oven, snow and fire. Thanks for everyone’s submissions so far — we have some wonderful photos. But, I would not that we don’t have one of a person standing in the freezing cold making a great Pizza Napoletana. Best Pizza Oven Images, click the link below to check them out. Winter 2014 Pizza Oven Photo Competition This... Read More

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Snow, Snow, Snow. And Fire

Feb 20, 2014

We are getting some wonderful photos of snow, outdoor pizza ovens, and even some fire. And we have reports from the even hard core wood-fired chefs who have not used their ovens this winter for the first time ever. Ouch. Keep the photos coming, and I will start posting them as they come in on tomorrow! Hang in there pizza oven lovers. Spring must be out there somewhere.  ... Read More

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Pizza Oven Oreland PA

Winter 2014 Pizza Oven Photo Contest

Feb 17, 2014

We are ready to kick off the Winter 2014 Photo Contest. The basic rule is that anyone (who has a pizza oven) can play. Send us your photo at (any of our customer service email addresses will work), and we will post them as they come in at a special location on Forno Bravo Photos. Your photo does not need to be a new oven, but we would like... Read More

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New Wood Pizza Oven Photos!

Feb 16, 2014

We posted two pages of new wood pizza oven photos today, with some really nice installations featuring oven kits, Pompeii Ovens, and fully assembled Forno Bravo ovens. Take a look: Residential Oven Gallery Read More

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Back From a Break From Blogging

Feb 16, 2014

It’s been a while since I last blogged, and I have a ton of good stuff queued up to share with you. You might know that 2013 marked our 10th year at Forno Bravo, and we ended the year with a bang. 2013 was our biggest sales year ever, and it marked our 10th consecutive year of year-over-year growth. I’m really proud of that, and for all the people we... Read More

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Professionale Commercial Pizza Oven Kit Australia

Wood-Fired Croatia (or more accurately, Istria)

Aug 29, 2013

We just returned from a very nice trip to Croatia. I have wanted to explore the Dalmatian coast for years, and the timing was right this summer. Our older daughter spent the summer working on campus in Boston (a very cool research project on pre-fab building using 3D modeling software and CNC laser equipment) and she had two weeks off before the start of school. And we put it to... Read More

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