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Trashed backyard - sturdy pizza oven

EF1 Tornado Couldn’t Topple a Forno Bravo Oven

Jun 22, 2020Posted by Forno Bravo
Pizza oven on unfinished base -back yard

Before the Storm (and before Bill’s Giardino received it’s final stucco coat)

Over the memorial day weekend, life got “interesting” for Billy Bradley and the residents of San Antonio, TX. An EF1 Tornado hit the NW side of the city, bringing with it heavy rain and 100 MPH winds, knocking over trees, and causing property and roof damage, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) for San Antonio.

It also did quite a bit of damage to Billy’s back yard. The tornado took out his pergola, fences, deck, and storage unit, but his Giardino70 modular pizza oven kit did not move! Flying debris cause a little damage to the fireboard on the base, but the oven itself escaped unharmed. 

Billy reported, “My street was the only street that had damage. My Forno Bravo Pizza Oven did not move at all. I built the oven as per specs, and I was just getting around to adding the bricks on the sides. It was not anchored down either. I believe the weight of the oven and the (domed) shape kept it from moving during the tornado…All and all no one was hurt, just property damage. Thanks again for making a great product! All my neighbors are jealous!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Billy. We’re so glad you are safe! You and your pizza oven are certainly Texas tough.

dual picture of backyard damage-pizza oven

After the Storm! The yard is crunched, but the Pizza Oven is still standing strong.



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