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March 2010 | No. 13; Think Modular & Expo 2010 Recap

Mar 10, 2010

Welcome! The first quarter of 2010 has proven to be an exciting one for Forno Bravo! Topping the list is the success of our first Forno Bravo Expo, held Feb. 20-21 on the Monterey Peninsula. Read all about the event and find a link to a photo slideshow in the article below. We’ve also included a mouth-watering recipe for oven-roasted chicken from one of our star presenters, Antonio Laudisio. With... Read More

February 2010 | No. 12; Stands & Enclosures, FB in Europe

Feb 10, 2010

Welcome! Greetings, Forno Bravo community! In this month’s Wood-Fired Newsletter, we focus on oven stands and enclosures – elements that allow you to design and customize your oven exactly how you wish. The options are near-limitless, giving your imagination a chance to run wild … before you even begin dreaming up recipes. Take a look at the article to the right for a number of design resources. On the subject... Read More

December 2009 | No. 10; Year-End Review & the New Giardino Series

Dec 10, 2009

Welcome! Happy holidays from your friends at Forno Bravo! For many of us, the holiday season offers an opportunity to reflect upon the past year and to pass along our gratitude to those who helped make the past 12 months fun, enjoyable and meaningful. In this spirit, I’d like to thank all of you who are part of the Forno Bravo community for a wonderful 2009. Our company and product... Read More

November 2009 | No. 9; No Assembly Required

Nov 10, 2009

Just like that… the holiday season is upon us! If you’re looking for a unique, fun, truly stand-out gift, we hope you’ll consider giving a Forno Bravo assembled oven to that special person on your list. With our fully assembled, ready-to-cook ovens, you give the gift of Vera Pizza Napoletana — not a huge home improvement project! The phrase “No Assembly Required” can be a wonderful treat in itself on... Read More

October 2009 | No. 8; Talking Temperature

Oct 10, 2009

Welcome! Happy October! In this edition of the Wood-Fired Newsletter, we’re talking temperature. No, not the changing temperatures that come along with a new season. We’re focusing on the temperatures inside Forno Bravo ovens: how to manage your fire and oven temperature, how heat works in a wood-fired oven, what type of food cooks best in which cooking environment. In other heat-related news, we’re excited to add three new products... Read More

September 2009 | No. 7; The Primavera Issue, Take Two

Sep 10, 2009

Welcome! With the long, bright days of summer giving way to the cool, soft days of fall, we at Forno Bravo ask: What better way to warm your spirits – and fill your stomach – than with delectable food cooked in an authentic wood-fired oven? Bask in the oven’s warm glow and get ready for the winter ahead by preparing all manner of treats, from Pizza Napoletana or freshly baked... Read More

April 2009 | No. 6; The Artigiano Brick Oven

Apr 10, 2009

Wood-Fired News: The Artigiano Brick Pizza Oven I think of this as our “back to the basics” edition of the Wood-Fired Newsletter. In this issue we will be talking about the Forno Bravo Artigiano, a real brick pizza oven, along with some good theory on how pizza ovens and other wood-fired ovens work. In many ways the Artigiano oven is the inspiration for Forno Bravo. Many years ago we were... Read More

March 2009 | No. 5; Pizza Stone Pizza eBook

Mar 10, 2009

Wood-Fired News: The New Pizza Stone Pizza eBook The are so many good reasons to use a Pizza Stone, it is difficult to know where to start. For many wood oven afficionados, our love affair with pizza and hearth bread wood-fired cooking started with a pizza stone. The migration from a basic department store pizza stone, to a high-end pizza stone, to a wood oven is natural. Everything you learn... Read More

February 2009 | No. 4; The Primavera Oven

Feb 15, 2009

Wood-Fired News: The Primavera Oven Edition This is a particularly important and exciting edition of the Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Newsletter, as we are introducing the Primavera oven. More than just a new wood-fired oven, the Primavera oven represents a whole new class of wood oven. It’s the world’s first fully-featured Italian-style oven to require no installation and no special equipment to set it up. It is light enough to set... Read More



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