Wood-Fired Newsletter August 2013

August 2013 | No. 53; New Logo and Pizza Quest’s Big Reveal

Aug 13, 2013

Welcome to our Wood-Fired Newsletter August 2013. Notice anything different? After 10 years, we have updated the Forno Bravo logo. It is now making its way into all things Forno Bravo, including our Wood-Fired Newsletter header. Read more below about the update. As you can imagine, over the past decade, one of the highlights of our work at Forno Bravo is hearing from new oven owners: the excitement, the culinary... Read More

Forno Bravo Newsletter July 2013

July 2013 | No. 52; Peter’s Four-Minute Steaks and the Strada60

Jul 13, 2013

Welcome to our Wood-Fired Newsletter July 2013 I hope this summer has brought many wonderful times with family and friends around your wood-fired ovens. With back-to-school days approaching and vacations coming to a close, this is the time of year to savor those final days of summer – and look forward to all the fall season brings. On that note, we’re featuring our Strada60 oven in this month’s Wood-Fired Newsletter... Read More

Wood-Fired Newsletter June 2013

June 2013 | No. 51; Summertime Cooking

Jun 13, 2013

Welcome to our Wood-Fired Newsletter June 2013.   With June comes the official start of summer, and that means a lot of opportunities to use your outdoor kitchens and wood-fired ovens. Cooking in a wood-fired oven is one of life’s true pleasures. Few things compare with the experience of firing your oven, watching the flames heat the oven dome, feeling the heat of the oven on your face, and cooking... Read More

Wood-Fired Newsletter May 3013

May 2013 | No. 50; The New Fiamma50 & Wood-Oven S’mores

May 13, 2013

Welcome to our Wood-Fired Newsletter May 2013. As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Forno Bravo is celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. This is a big milestone for us, and certainly a good opportunity to take stock of what we’ve accomplished and learned over the past decade. However, we have no plans to rest on our laurels! This month, we are excited to announce a brand-new product: the Fiamma50 outdoor... Read More

wood fired newsletter April 2013

April 2013 | No. 49; 10th Anniversary & Braised Chicken

Apr 13, 2013

Welcome to our Wood-Fired Newsletter April 2013. This year, Forno Bravo celebrates its 10th anniversary. In a decade, we have helped over 10,000 families and restaurants install and come to enjoy authentic Italian wood-fired cooking. (We aren’t up to 10,000 oven sales yet, but we are well over 10,000 ovens when you include customers who built the Pompeii Oven.) See the article to the right for a little history on... Read More

Woo Fired Newsletter March 2013

March 2013 | No. 48; Spring Fever & Sourdough Pizza Dough

Mar 13, 2013

Welcome to out Wood-Fired Newsletter March 2013. Spring is upon us, and this is such an exciting time of the year. (Yes, even though winter temps are having difficulty letting go of parts of the country, spring will arrive at some point!) It’s the ideal time for finally taking the plunge and buying or building your own backyard oven. You’ll be all set to enjoy the warmer weather with a... Read More

wood-fired newsletter February 2013

February 2013 | No. 47; Oven Photo Contest Winner

Feb 13, 2013

Welcome to Our Wood-Fired Newsletter February 2013 To quote the Governor in Mel Brooks’ classic Blazing Saddles, it has been nothing but work, work, work. (But it’s all good stuff.) Our company move to 251 West Market is done. With a project like this, however, there are always a lot of details to look after. The showroom area is being painted, and we will have nice, new ovens on display... Read More

wood-fired newsletter January 2013

January 2013 | No. 46; We’ve Moved & Kale-Leek Gratin

Jan 13, 2013

Welcome to our Wood-Fired Newsletter January 2013 Happy 2013 from Forno Bravo! We hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the new year. It’s been a busy but exciting time for us, as we have moved into our new facility. Read more about our new space at right. Our photo contest, winter edition, continues. We’ve received some excellent entries of beautiful ovens showcased in the snow and look forward... Read More

wood-fired newsletter December 2012

December 2012 | No. 45; Winter Photo Contest & Roasted Squash

Dec 10, 2012

Welcome to Our Wood-Fired Newsletter December 2012   As another year draws to a close, I’m happy to report that 2012 has been especially productive and rewarding for us at Forno Bravo. We’ve introduced new ovens (Strada60, Napolino), redesigned the Primavera70, updated our online store (filled with great gift ideas for the holidays and otherwise), announced our third-generation Forno Bravo castable, started the Wood-Fired Blog … and the list goes on.... Read More


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