July 2010 | No. 17; Photo Contest Winner & Primavera Updates

Jul 10, 2010

Welcome! For many, the summer months present the ideal time for rest, relaxation and fun. The kids are out of school, and those piles of homework are nonexistent. At Forno Bravo, however, we have been doing our “homework” – listening to customers’ feedback, striving to continually improve our ovens and other products, and certainly not sitting still … unless it’s to enjoy some delicious wood-fired cooking. In this month’s newsletter,... Read More

January 2010 | No. 11; Forno Bravo Australia & the New Casa2G

Jul 10, 2010

Welcome! Happy 2010 from all of us at Forno Bravo! The new year begins with some exciting news we’re eager to share: Forno Bravo is now in Australia! That’s right … “The Land Down Under” has its own Forno Bravo outpost, Forno Bravo Australia. And the timing couldn’t be better. The summer and fall months make for ideal outdoor living and cooking, and we’re thrilled to offer our Australian friends... Read More

June 2010 | No. 16; Get Cooking & Contest Updates

Jun 10, 2010

Welcome! Summer is here, and it’s time to get cooking! In this issue of the Wood-Fired Newsletter, we celebrate cooking, pure and simple! Forno Bravo ovens do a lot more than make pizza: They are perfect for grilling, roasting and baking. In fact, you can do just about anything in a wood-fired oven that you can do in a conventional oven or BBQ … only better! To celebrate the wonderful... Read More

May 2010 | No. 15; Photo Inspiration & Terracotta Bakeware

May 10, 2010

Welcome! Late spring and early summer usher in beautiful weather, and we’re always in the mood to cook! The season’s delicious fresh fruits and vegetables inspire us to come up with new recipes to enjoy the bounty of produce. And speaking of inspiration … that happens to be our theme for this month’s Wood-Fired Newsletter! We’ve learned that photographs often provide ideal inspiration when someone is thinking of designing a... Read More

April 2010 | No. 14; Research & Giardino Updates

Apr 10, 2010

Welcome! In this month’s Wood-Fired Newsletter, we focus on research. For anyone considering the purchase of a new wood-fired oven, as well as those of us who currently own an oven, questions abound. What size oven should I buy? What model? How do I cook bread in my oven? How do I put my oven together? Can my oven withstand cold, harsh climates? Easy access to helpful, comprehensive research resources... Read More

March 2010 | No. 13; Think Modular & Expo 2010 Recap

Mar 10, 2010

Welcome! The first quarter of 2010 has proven to be an exciting one for Forno Bravo! Topping the list is the success of our first Forno Bravo Expo, held Feb. 20-21 on the Monterey Peninsula. Read all about the event and find a link to a photo slideshow in the article below. We’ve also included a mouth-watering recipe for oven-roasted chicken from one of our star presenters, Antonio Laudisio. With... Read More

February 2010 | No. 12; Stands & Enclosures, FB in Europe

Feb 10, 2010

Welcome! Greetings, Forno Bravo community! In this month’s Wood-Fired Newsletter, we focus on oven stands and enclosures – elements that allow you to design and customize your oven exactly how you wish. The options are near-limitless, giving your imagination a chance to run wild … before you even begin dreaming up recipes. Take a look at the article to the right for a number of design resources. On the subject... Read More

December 2009 | No. 10; Year-End Review & the New Giardino Series

Dec 10, 2009

Welcome! Happy holidays from your friends at Forno Bravo! For many of us, the holiday season offers an opportunity to reflect upon the past year and to pass along our gratitude to those who helped make the past 12 months fun, enjoyable and meaningful. In this spirit, I’d like to thank all of you who are part of the Forno Bravo community for a wonderful 2009. Our company and product... Read More

November 2009 | No. 9; No Assembly Required

Nov 10, 2009

Just like that… the holiday season is upon us! If you’re looking for a unique, fun, truly stand-out gift, we hope you’ll consider giving a Forno Bravo assembled oven to that special person on your list. With our fully assembled, ready-to-cook ovens, you give the gift of Vera Pizza Napoletana — not a huge home improvement project! The phrase “No Assembly Required” can be a wonderful treat in itself on... Read More


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