November 2009

No. 9; No Assembly Required



Just like that… the holiday season is upon us!

If you're looking for a unique, fun, truly stand-out gift, we hope you'll consider giving a Forno Bravo assembled oven to that special person on your list. With our fully assembled, ready-to-cook ovens, you give the gift of Vera Pizza Napoletana — not a huge home improvement project! The phrase "No Assembly Required" can be a wonderful treat in itself on a hectic holiday morning. (Remember, there are no rules that say you can't give yourself a present! In fact, I encourage it.)

We're excited to offer our Toscana Series and Primavera Series at new, lower prices. Read more about the professional-grade Toscana Series to the right, and see below to learn about which type of oven is right for you. We are also happy to offer new color options for our assembled ovens (details follow).

Important note from the Forno Bravo elves: If you would like your oven delivered before December 25, please place your order no later than December 4. Also, don't miss our special offer: a free infrared thermometer with assembled oven purchase! See bottom for details.

Forno Bravo Expo logo

As a reminder, we hope you'll take a minute to mark your calendars for a special event: The Forno Bravo Expo 2010 — The First Annual Wood-Fired Oven Bash! Taking place in Monterey, Calif., on Feb. 20-21, 2010, the Expo will bring together wood-fired oven aficionados from around the world. For updates on the event, "fan us" at our new Facebook page!

From all of us at Forno Bravo, best wishes for fun, relaxing, food-filled holidays!


Which Oven Is the Right Choice?

Forno Bravo provides two different fully assembled wood-fired oven product families — the Toscana Series and the Primavera Series. Both the Toscana and Primavera ovens only need to be set in place and fired. They offer the fastest way to install and use a wood-fired oven. However, there are some differences between the two:

The Toscana Series

Toscana Oven photo

The Primavera Series

Toscana Oven photo

Professional-grade ovens featuring larger sizes, heavier thickness for the oven dome and cooking floor, and thicker insulation

A real Italian-style oven in a smaller size that still bakes authentic Italian pizza, perfect for those who don't have space for a larger oven kit

Very heavy and require mechanical equipment to set them in place (such as a forklift)

Because it's smaller and lighter, it can be set up by you and 3-4 friends, without any special tools or equipment

Range from 32" to 44", and can bake many pizzas at a time, large amounts of hearth bread and a complete dinner — including a full-size turkey

Oven floor sizes of 24" or 28", large enough for fire-in-the-oven pizza baking (the perfect entry-level oven for casual entertaining)

Typically installed on a concrete block stand

Primavera60 (24") includes a metal stand, while the Primavera70 (28") can easily be installed on an outdoor kitchen counter or grill island

If you have the budget, time and space for the Toscana Series, we highly recommend these ovens. If not, the Primavera is a wonderful authentic Italian-style wood-fired oven, and we think you will love it as well. Really, there's no "wrong" choice here!

See The Toscana Series and The Primavera Series pages on our website. You'll find detailed information, along with photos and an Assembled Oven FAQ.

Of course, always feel free to contact us directly: (800) 407-5119 or info@fornobravo.com.

Ready to purchase? Visit the Forno Bravo Store!

Note: As an alternative to fully assembled ovens, we offer modular pizza ovens. The Forno Bravo Modular Kits come in pieces and require on-site installation. Benefits? They are more flexible and allow you to build a custom enclosure as part of an overall outdoor kitchen design. The Modular Kits are easier to ship, and are the most cost-effective way to install a pizza oven.

New Oven Colors and Outdoor Kitchen Design

Once you've decided on which oven is right for you (or another lucky cook!), we're giving you even more choices. Now, both the Toscana and Primavera oven families are available in "Giallo," an old-fashioned golden yellow, and "Siena," a warm Tuscan terracotta.

In addition, we now are offering our assembled ovens in custom colors, available with an extra fee. We think this is a fun option for helping you customize your oven and outdoor kitchen space. To see the custom color swatches, visit Kelly-Moore Paint's Color Center.

For more on outdoor kitchen design, including information on essential outdoor kitchen components, a sample kitchen layout and other helpful tips, see the Outdoor Kitchen Design resource on the Forno Bravo website.

Our first rule in getting started with an outdoor kitchen? Don't go too far! Our experience is that you are going to love having an outdoor kitchen so much, you will end up using it exclusively during the summer, frequently in the spring and autumn, and even during the chilly winter months. That is why our first rule is to make sure you don't put your outdoor kitchen too far from your house. No matter how efficient you try to be (or how large your serving trays), there are always trips back and forth. Don't make it a trek.

Free Infrared Thermometer With Toscana Oven Purchase

For a limited time, when you purchase a Toscana assembled oven we'll include the new Point-and-Shoot Infrared Thermometer on the house. That's a $100 value! We love the latest version of this handy tool, which provides an instant and exact temperature of oven surfaces, accurate to 1112ºF. Features: backlit LCD display; simple, one-handed operation; ergonomic design; battery and carrying case included

To receive your complimentary thermometer with Toscana oven purchase, simply enter coupon code: newsletter1109fb at checkout. Offer expires December 15, 2009.