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Ticket Spike, Al pastor style, Chicken tacos

Nov 10, 2017

Serves 6-8 | Time 50-60 minutes No rotisserie required, just your classic restaurant Ticket Spike! Mouthwatering thin shavings of vertical spit-wood roasted chicken, marinated with Pasilla de Oaxaca, served with a tomatillo pan sauce and a spicy green cabbage slaw. It would be rude not to make these. Learn more about our Portable Bella Wood Fired Ovens Here INGREDIENTS ½ Red onion, sliced into rough half rounds 8-11 Tomatillos, husked,... Read More

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The Giuseppe

Oct 23, 2017

Updated: Looking for another incredible wood fired recipe to fire up this weekend? Look no further than Vito Romani’s specialty… “The Guiseppe”. Ingredients 1/4 C Fresh Jalapeños – chopped 1/2 C Artichoke hearts – chopped 1 C Ricotta 2 T Mascarpone Mozzarella Spicy Italian Sausage -crumbled Mushrooms Red onion Red Pepper Olive Oil Preparation Par-cook sausage in cast iron skillet in the oven Set aside a handful of artichokes and... Read More

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The Bird Is The Word

Oct 16, 2017

Try this delicious wood fired pizza recipe in your very own wood oven today. Ingredients Chipotle dry-rubbed chicken Bacon Spicy BBQ sauce Mozzarella Red onion Cilantro Preparation Par-grill chicken breasts in the oven. Set aside to cool, then cut into small pieces Layer mozzarella, chicken, bacon and (in that order) on the prepared dough Fire in the oven Dress with BBQ sauce and cilantro Read More

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Hot roasted orange cauliflower & radicchio salad

Oct 12, 2017

Serves 2-4 | Time 15-20 minutes Welcome to your amazing salad course. Hot roasted orange cauliflower on it’s own is delicious. Combine it with roasted radicchio and these contrasting flavors, textures and temperatures you wont look at cauliflower or salads the same ever again. Learn more about our Portable Bella Wood Fired Ovens Here Ingredients – 1 head of orange cauliflower, cut into smaller florets – 1 Radicchio, cut in... Read More

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Cast Iron Seared Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

Oct 05, 2017

(Serves 2-4 – Time 15-20 minutes) This seared Carpaccio is a classic Italian dish and a great starter after a cocktail or before a meal. Fair warning, this dish might be love at first bite and go from a shareable starter to becoming your personal entrée. Share at your own discretion. Ingredients – 8-10 oz Wagyu beef steak, room temp – 1/3 cup carrot, brunoise cut – 1/3 cup celery,... Read More

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Wood Fired Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita

Sep 13, 2017

Wood fired strawberry jalapeño margarita (Serves 2 – Time 15 Minutes) Cocktail in a wood fired oven? Yes Please! This quick Backyard Session with Eric Wilson puts a wood fired spin on the classic strawberry jalapeño margarita. You still get the heat and the sweet along with the added complexity of caramelized fruit, cedar wood plank and the wood fired smokiness. Ingredients – 2 limes, medium to large, cut in... Read More

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Pasta al Forno (Baked Pasta)

Aug 16, 2017

Instructions Read More

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Host of FoodTerra, Eric Wilson, Takes Us On A Creative Wood Fired Journey In This New Bella Video.

Aug 15, 2017

Eric Wilson, the incredible farm to table chef from FoodTerra, takes us on a journey through a classic dinner party meal prepared in succession in his Bella Grande 36. This short video is just a glimpse into the several mouth-watering recipes Eric will feature in our community cookbook and we hope it inspires you to get out there and get creative! If “Strawberry-Jalapeno Margaritas” peaks your interest, we advise you... Read More

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Jul 12, 2017

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