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An Introduction to Pizza Oven Kits

Apr 29, 2019Posted by Forno Bravo

Forno Bravo’s modular pizza oven kits take the guesswork out of making a great pizza oven for your home or business. Our kits bridge the gap between full DIY projects and the ‘place and bake’ convenience (but higher cost) of a factory assembled oven. With exceptionally fast delivery times, high-tech, quality components that perform better than simple brick, and the freedom to finish or install your kit in an endless variety of ways, our kits remain a popular option for our customers.

Each pizza oven kit includes the high-quality oven dome, fire brick cooking floor, integral vent, ultra-premium floor and dome insulation, stove pipe, high-temperature mortar, oven door, and thermometer. (Stove pipes can be upgraded through customer service, depending on your individual installation plans.) All of our modular kits can be finished as stand-alone pieces, or installed in an enclosure for an integrated look or show-piece style.

Let’s run through some of the different models, from simplest to the more intensive options, so you can see the range of products we have to help you launch your very own pizza oven project!

Full-Dome Style Pizza Oven Kits

Our easiest kits to assemble come with the dome all in one piece. Models include:

The Giardino — This is a compact, residential oven with a one piece dome and integral vent. It is designed as a wood fired oven, perfect for smaller families and gatherings. Because the dome and vent come as a unit, fewer masonry skills are required to assemble it. An authentic brick arch is optional. The Giardino line can bake 1-2 pizzas at a time, but heats up incredibly fast because of its high-tech materials and smaller size. This makes the Giardino perfect for use anytime, including evenings after work, or whenever you are craving a wood fired meal!

Giardino Outdoor Pizza Oven Cleveland OH 1

Giardino Outdoor Pizza Oven Finished in Stucco

The Artigiano also comes with a fully-assembled dome. However, while the Giardino uses a refractory dome made in California, the Artigiano dome is handcrafted by artisans in Italy from individual terracotta refractory bricks, then externally stabilized with a stout, high-temperature mortar that ensures its robustness. Where the Giardino is efficient in its simplicity, the Artigiano dome is much larger, beautiful in its detailed craftsmanship, and steeped in tradition (but still one piece for easy installation). These gorgeous, wood fired ovens are usually finished with an old-world style enclosure to highlight their Italian pedigree.

Stone enclosed Artigiano brick pizza oven with fire burning

Stately Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven

Residential Modular Dome Style Pizza Oven Kits

On the other end of the DIY spectrum, we have our modular kits. They required a bit more planning and masonry skills (or helpers,) but are able to support larger interiors, and gas burners as well as wood fuel.

To aid in constructability, installation access, and to keep the pieces manageable, all of our larger refractory pizza ovens domes come in separate sections. This interlocking dome design creates fewer, tighter seams than bricks for outstanding heat retention, cooking performance, and durability.

The Casa2G is our most versatile and popular residential oven kit. Available in 4 sizes to fit any family, the Casa comes in 3 to 6 sections, depending on the finished oven size. The larger models  include a round capstone for the center of the dome to lock the form in place. They also feature a mono-block vent. Each piece of the refractory dome weighs a max of 200 lbs and can fit through a standard doorway for indoor installations. Besides its general certifications, the Casa2G is specifically UL-certified in outdoor settings to accommodate a gas burner upgrade that accurately replicates a true wood fire, and can be used by itself or in combination with wood. Regardless of your fuel choice, the Casa is a high-temperature baking beast for pizza, plus a whole more!

Casa110 Pizza Oven Build - Stone Exterior - Copper Roof - Axe

Beautiful Casa2G110 Built to Match a Historic Craftsman Home

For home chefs that want to take their wood fired cooking to the next level, Forno Bravo offers the Premio Pizza Oven Kit. It is similar to the larger Casa kits, but with a thicker dome and floor, and more insulation to allow for faster recovery times in higher-volume cooking and remarkable heat retention. We’ve had customers fire their oven, and still be baking bread 30-50 hours later without any additional fuel! The extra thermal mass means a longer initial heat up, but then that heat is released more slowly as well. The Premio comes in multiple, interlocking sections and is typically integrated into a full outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. It is the perfect oven for Foodies!

Premio Home Pizza Oven Los Angeles CA 2

Premio Home Pizza Oven in Southern California

Commercial Modular Pizza Oven Kits

For our commercial customers, Forno Bravo offers the Professionale and Modena2G modular pizza oven kits. Customers purchase these oven kits when they or their contractor have good masonry skills and would like to save some money, if they want a fully custom look for their oven (i.e. mosaic or art piece), or they have very limited access and would prefer to not use a knockdown model. Commercial kits offer restaurant owners flexibility without sacrificing quality. The same professional dome and floors of our fully assembled ovens are found in our kits, the difference is you provide the labor in return for cost savings. Install your oven correctly, and you will love the performance (and pizzas) that these high-end refractory ovens put out for years to come!

Professionale Commercial Pizza Oven Montana

Professionale Commercial Pizza Oven in Montana

Modena Commercial Pizza Oven Kit Install

Modena Commercial Pizza Oven Kit Installation

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