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Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven

Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza OvenArtigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven
Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza OvenArtigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven
Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza OvenArtigiano Italian Brick Pizza Oven

The Artigiano Series (in Italian pronounced R-Tea-John-Oh) is a family of modular Italian brick pizza oven kits handcrafted at a small artisan’s workshop in Tuscany. Based on the traditional round, free-standing brick dome originally created in ancient Rome and perfected in Naples, our Artigiano pizza ovens offer the outstanding cooking characteristics that only a true brick oven can provide. These wonderful ovens are unique to Italy and our producer, and it is a special pleasure to offer them to American, Canadian and homeowners worldwide through our international distributors.

The dome of the Artigiano brick pizza oven kit is built, shipped and installed as a single piece—with four metal handles. As there are only a small number of artisans with the skill to build a freestanding brick dome, these ovens are highly prized in Italy, and throughout the world. The ovens give homeowners the ability to enjoy a true Italian brick oven, without having to ship an entire assembled oven, or having to fly a skilled Italian builder to your home.

Constructed using the highest-quality refractory bricks, our Artigiano brick pizza ovens, are structurally identical to the commercial brick ovens found in pizzerias throughout Italy. The only difference between the commercial and home pizza ovens is the size of the oven chamber and the thickness (thermal mass) of the brick walls and refractory mortar oven coating.

The 2″ thick cooking surface supplied with the Artigiano brick pizza oven is constructed using the highest quality, high-fired, commercial quality refractory materials. It heats up quickly, and provides the same heat retention characteristics of commercial pizza ovens. The Artigiano ovens are delivered with a steel vent.

The Artigiano brick ovens are available in three sizes: a 31.4″ round cooking surface, a 39.3″ round cooking surface, and a 39.3″ x 47.1″ oval cooking surface. Each  brick pizza oven includes a steel oven vent, steel door, 3 x 1″ dome insulation and 2″ floor insulation.

These ovens make a great addition to any home, outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area, and the craftsmanship they show makes a wonderful statement. We stock the Artigiano ovens in Northern California, making these handcrafted gems readily available to American buyers.

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Oven Cooking Surface Area (sq. in.) Heat Up (min) Pizzas (10") Shop Now
Artigiano80 31″ True Brick Pizza Oven Cooking Surface: 31.4" x 19.6" Area (sq. in.): 775 Heat Up (min): 40 Pizzas (10"): 2$4,450
Artigiano100 39″ True Brick Pizza Oven Cooking Surface: 39.3" x 12.7" Area (sq. in.): 1,240 Heat Up (min): 50 Pizzas (10"): 4$4,950
Artigiano120 39″ x 47″ True Brick Pizza Oven Cooking Surface: 39.3" x 47.1" Area (sq. in.): 1,550 Heat Up (min): 60 Pizzas (10"): 6$5,450

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All ovens include the oven, door and thermometer.

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