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Toscana Assembled Pizza Oven

Wood-fired Pizza OvenToscana Assembled Pizza Oven
ToscanaToscana Assembled Pizza Oven
Pizza OvenToscana Assembled Pizza Oven
east_tawas_MIToscana Assembled Pizza Oven

The Toscana Series assembled pizza oven family is based on our Casa2G Series cast refractory pizza oven kits. These wonderful pizza ovens combine the outstanding cooking performance of the Casa2G ovens with the convenience of a fully assembled pizza oven that you can just set it place and fire. The pizza ovens are finished in three enclosure designs, each with a true brick arch and oven landing, including a Mediterranean Igloo (or dome), a Gabled Roof, or Hipped Roof.. Click to see more Toscana Series Photos to see each oven design up close. Each Toscana design is available in four sizes, based on the Casa2G80 (32″), Casa2G90 (36″), Casa2G100 (40″), and Casa2G110 (44″) modular pizza ovens kits.  Custom colors or semi-custom designs may be available upon request.

This fully assembled pizza oven is the perfect choice for homeowners who do not want to manage the on-site installation process; who want to get started right away with their pizza oven; who might have trouble locating installation products or resources; or who might want to take their oven with them when they move. Unlike other “assembled” ovens, where the final enclosure is not provided, each Toscana Series pizza oven is fully finished with a painted, weather-proof stucco covered enclosure.

Using state-of-the-art refractory materials, including aluminate mortars and woven ceramic dome and floor insulation, the Toscana assembled pizza oven offers fast heat-up time (about 40 minutes) and excellent heat holding capabilities. The outer shell of the oven stays cool, while the oven chamber cooks authentic Italian pizza in 2-3 minutes.

The ovens utilize the Casa2G integral vent system, providing both excellent air movement and durability—a significant improvement over lower-end metal venting systems. The ovens use the Casa2G stainless steel single wall chimney system and rain cap. The Toscana80 and Toscana90 feature a 6″ chimney, while the Toscana100 and Toscana110 feature an 8″ chimney.  For indoor installation, an upgrade to UL103HT chimney flu may be required.

Each Toscana assembled pizza oven is finished with hand-crafted smooth stucco—in either a warm Mediterranean “giallo” (yellow with a golden Tuscan glaze), or terracotta (a warm clay color with a brown glaze) color. Custom colors are available on request.

The Toscana wood-fired pizza ovens can be set on either the Forno Bravo Cucina modular oven stand frame, or on a site-built concrete block stand.

The pizza ovens include a powder coated steel door (no rust) and thermometer. Optional accessories include a three-piece Italian-made Pizza Oven tool set (round peel, rectangular peel and brush), an oven rake, oven shovel and infrared thermometer.

The Toscana pizza ovens are very heavy, and require a forklift or other mechanical means for removing the oven from the freight truck and setting it in place.

Looking for a smaller oven, or an oven that you can roll into place? Check out the Forno Bravo Primavera and Forno Bravo Andiamo ovens. They are smaller than the Toscana oven, but still bakes real Italian pizza.

Interested in seeing the cost of a Toscana  pizza oven shipped to your house? Use our FB FastQuote system, in the sidebar, to get a complete quote—including the oven, crating and shipping costs—in seconds.

Toscana pizza ovens are UL737, UL2162, NSF/ANSI-4, certified for indoor and outdoor installation in United States and Canada.

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Oven Cooking Surface Area (sq. in.) Heat Up (min) Pizzas (10") Shop Now
Toscana80 pizza oven Cooking Surface: 32" x 40" Area (sq. in.): 804 Heat Up (min): 30 Pizzas (10"): 2$3,250 - $4,300
Toscana90 pizza oven Cooking Surface: 36" x 44" Area (sq. in.): 1017 Heat Up (min): 35 Pizzas (10"): 3$3,450 - $4,500
Toscana100 pizza oven Cooking Surface: 40" x 48" Area (sq. in.): 1256 Heat Up (min): 40 Pizzas (10"): 4$3,650 - $4,700
Toscana110 pizza oven Cooking Surface: 44" x 52" Area (sq. in.): 1520 Heat Up (min): 45 Pizzas (10"): 5$3,850 - $4,900

Prices and Ordering

All ovens include the oven, door and thermometer.

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