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Pompeii diy brick pizza ovens

pompeii Pizza OvenPompeii diy brick pizza ovens
Pizza OvenPompeii diy brick pizza ovens

The Pompeii  Pizza Oven Kits provide the essential (and often hard to find) materials you need to build the brick pizza oven described in the popular Forno Bravo Pompeii Oven eBook. Each Kit includes enough medium duty 9”x4.5”x2.5” firebricks to build the oven dome and vent, along with 18”x18”x2” cooking floor tiles, high temp, waterproof mortar, dome insulation and floor insulation—along with the Pompeii Oven eBook on the Forno Bravo CD ROM—delivered to your doorstep. Just add labor.

Each Pompeii Oven Kit features industrial-grade refractories and high-tech insulators, ensuring that your oven will reach and hold pizza making temperature and retain heat for baking and roasting. Our medium duty firebrick and cooking floor tiles are 38% alumina, 134 lb density and are rated to 2,500ºF. They are perfect for a pizza oven. The FB Board and FB Blanket insulators are rated to 2,300ºF and are incredibly efficient, and FB Mortar is rated to 2,500ºF and is waterproof for outside pizza oven installation. We provide enough insulation for 3” over the oven dome and 2” under the oven floor to retain high heat inside the oven while keeping the outside enclosure cool.

The Pompeii Pizza Oven Kit is the right solution for any brick oven builder, who wants to save the time and hassle of locating all the pieces for the Pompeii Oven locally, and who wants to be sure to purchase the right items. There are many types of brick, firebrick, mortar and insulation, and the Pompeii Oven Kit is comprised of the exact items you need. Further, many backyard oven builders are limited to using Portland cement-based mortar and loose, less efficient insulators, such as vermiculite and perlite. While these old-fashioned items are functional, they are not as durable as modern materials and do not perform—or last—as well as state-of-the-art materials.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Pompeii Pizza Oven Kits are very reasonably priced. We purchase in bulk from a large refractory producer, we private label the products, and we pass the savings on to our builder community. Check around; we think you will find that our price meets, or beats, the best prices you can find locally—even after extensive shopping, driving,  and turning to multiple suppliers.

The Pompeii Pizza Oven Kit is delivered to your house on two wooden pallets. Using lift-gate truck service, the materials are placed on your sidewalk or driveway, where you can easily move them to your building site.

You are ready to go. Join the Forno Bravo Forum, think wood fired pizza, and have fun!

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Oven Cooking Surface Area (sq. in.) Heat Up (min) Pizzas (10") Shop Now
Pompeii90 Oven Kit Cooking Surface: 35.4" x " Area (sq. in.): 1116 Heat Up (min): N/A Pizzas (10"): 2-3$1,650
Pompeii110 Oven Kit Cooking Surface: 43.2" x " Area (sq. in.): 1472.5 Heat Up (min): N/A Pizzas (10"): 4-5$1,800

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All ovens include the oven, thermometer, 3″ dome insulation, 2″ floor insulation, high temp mortar, and chimney.

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