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CONTEST! Wood Fired Drunken Monkey Love

Sep 10, 2015

  A recipe contest entry from Nicole Francis and Joe Famiglietti! CONTEST! Drunken Monkey Love 12345 Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe Amore di Scimmia Ubriaca aka Drunken Monkey Love CourseDessert Servings Prep Time Four 5 minutes Cook Time 3-5 minutes depending on oven temperature Servings Prep Time Four 5 minutes Cook Time 3-5 minutes depending on oven temperature CONTEST! Drunken Monkey Love 12345 Votes: 0... Read More

Baked pumpkin soup

Aug 17, 2015

Recipe submitted by Emil Nel from South Africa as part of our 2015 Recipe Contest.  Thanks Emil! Baked Pumpkin Soup 12345 Votes: 8 Rating: 3.5 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe Interesting, look impressive, tastes amazing. You bake the whole pumpkin! CourseAppetizer, Vegetables Servings Prep Time 4 - 6 people 20 minutes Cook Time Passive Time 90 minutes 90 minutes Servings Prep Time 4 - 6 people 20 minutes Cook... Read More


Egg And Leek Pizza

Apr 13, 2015

Eggs are awesome. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight munchie, their versatility is unmatched in the gastronomic world. It is also a popular culinary myth that the pleats in a chef’s toque represent the 100 ways a chef can cook an egg. Adding an egg to pizza is certainly nothing new, but crowning your pie with the yolky richness certainly will elevate it from good to great. In this version I... Read More


Strawberry And Rhubarb Cobbler

Apr 05, 2015

Early spring means strawberries and rhubarb! No better reason to break out the cast iron and build the perfect cobbler to cap off a perfect night of pizza. Rhubarb adds a wonderful tartness to any dish but it is typically prized in desserts to balance the sweetness of other fruits, thus creating a desired sweet and sour effect. Shout out to my grandma on this one; she loved rhubarb. Hope... Read More

Taleggio Chanterelle Pizza

Taleggio And Golden Chanterelle Pizza

Feb 21, 2015

Taleggio is one of my favorite cheeses. Hailing from the Lombardy region of Italy, it is rich, buttery and balanced with tart fruity and nutty flavors. It is sublime on any cheese plate but it quickly becomes ridiculously delicious when melted on pizza. Taleggio has a soft reddish-yellow washed rind that gives it a subtle salty finish and a wonderful off-white pale colored paste. If you have yet to dabble... Read More

Roasted Garlic

Jan 29, 2015

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, roasted garlic accompanied more meals than less. It always seemed to be on the table next to an incredible crusty hunk of bread. Not a frequent occurrence these days, but a must for any pizza party. As I’ve cooked more and more with the Forno Bravo I am loving utilizing the heat up and cool down times for cooking beyond pizza. Here... Read More

butternut squash

Roasted Butternut Squash

Nov 06, 2014

As the leaves change color, the days get darker and a welcome chill fills the mid-Atlantic air, it is a perfect time to break out the seasonal fall favorites. From the earliest of childhood memories, roasted sweet potatoes, yams, squashes and root vegetables made their way to our table. Here is one of those simple, favorite recipes to add to your repertoire and maybe find its way into your upcoming... Read More

Caramelized Apple Pizza

Oct 16, 2014

Just when I had wrapped up a wonderful evening of fresh pizza making, my family turned to me and with lost looks on their faces collectively said, “what no dessert?” Fortunately I had a couple apples handy and gelato in the freezer. I went to work on a quick dessert pizza. The family was thrilled and spared me to cook for them yet another day. Hope you enjoy. Chef Bart... Read More

Fire Roasted Clams

Fire Roasted Clams with Andouille Sausage

Sep 24, 2014

I am a big fan of utilizing the heat up and cool down times of the Forno Bravo oven. Here is a flavor packed simple quick sharable appetizer that is perfect for the heat up time prior to your pizza making. No Andouille – No problems substitute your favorite sausage or skip the meat and throw in a handful of fennel. Hope you enjoy until next week feast well! Chef... Read More



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