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Customer Spotlight – October 2018

Oct 19, 2018Posted by Forno Bravo

Forno Bravo is all about making great ovens so people can create great food. By extension, great food often comes with interesting and unique stories. Following are just a few of those stories about bringing visions to life and blending the architectural arts with the culinary arts for a fusion of fun and feasting! Join us for October’s Customer Spotlight and enjoy these special installations.

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Napoli140 – Custom Tile – Stoked Wood Fired Pizzeria – Shirley, British Columbia, Canada

Tri-pic of black Napoli140 with Stoked logo

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza commissioned a custom tiled Napoli140 for their restaurant and market.

Stoked Wood Fired Pizzeria opened its doors in 2017 as a ‘West Coast Inspired Pizzeria & Market.’ Their location in Shirley, British Columbia, on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island inspired them to create a unique and laid-back atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. Working with Outdoor Pizza Ovens of Canada and Forno Bravo’s customer service group, they chose a wood fired Napoli140, and then had it custom tiled in black, with a striking red and white logo splashed across the front. The effect is eye-catching, and the pizza the team and oven produce is exceptional! A fan favorite of their customers is “The Aloha,” an upscale variation on a classic Hawaiian pizza. It is topped with a red sauce, fresh BBQ Pineapple, Bocconcici, Prosciotto, Carmelized Red Onion, Mozzarella, and Parmesan Cheese….now that sounds mouth-wateringly good! Being situated in a small town, the community is very important to Stoked, and the pizzeria’s launch and success have definitely been a team effort.  Learn More About the Napoli>>


Casa2G110 Modular Kit – Stone Enclosure – Tonia and Greg B. – Ventura, CA

Man with Pizza Peel and bread - Casa110 with bread

The Casa2G110 works great for baking bread, as well as pizza, and Greg B has become a pro!

The Bailey’s wrote to share with us that “After our trip to Italy, we fell in love with wood fired pizza.  We decided we needed one in our backyard.  When it came time to design our new backyard kitchen, we designed it around the pizza oven.  We chose the 44″ Casa because we knew we would be entertaining large groups and it could hold up to five pizzas at one time!

We absolutely love entertaining with the oven and our guests are always so impressed by the flavors of the wood fired dough.  We have also used the oven to bake homemade bread.  In fact, one time we baked 10 loaves at the same time!  Our friends couldn’t believe that we had baked them at home. I highly recommend Forno Bravo and the Casa110 pizza oven.”  Thanks for the endorsement! That bread looks delicious and Greg Bailey’s grin is the absolute best!  Learn More About the Casa2G Kit>>

Napolino70 – Custom Tiled – Gerry Speirs of Foodness Gracious– Long Beach, CA

Bi-Pic - pizza oven and backyard seating

A closeup and long view of Gerry Speirs’ beautiful Napolino pizza oven and outdoor entertaining area.

Gerry Speirs is a blogger and stay-at-home dad with a serious passion for food. Originally from Scotland, Gerry is an expert at writing interesting and easy to follow recipes that are a treat for the eyes as well as the palate. (Gerry is also an excellent photographer and his pictures are central to his online articles and social media presence.) Gerry selected a Napolino70 wood fired oven for his outdoor entertaining area. “It’s fun to see everyone’s reactions when they visit my backyard. Usually, they’re speechless at first and then comment how beautiful my oven is. I think they expect to see some sort of brick structure and not a perfectly tiled Napolino.” We look forward to seeing more wood fired recipes from Gerry in the newsletter and Community Cookbook coming months! You can learn more about his oven and blog here.  Learn More About the Napolino>>


DIY Pompeii Oven/Modular Kits– Stone Enclosure – James C./Josh S.– Tuftonboro, NH

Bi-pic-large stone pizza oven-Man in front of oven

James C. made the oven and Josh S. built the enclosure using local New Hampshire stone.

Forno Bravo has been a long time supporter of the hearty DIY folks who have the time, skills, and interest to build their brick pizza ovens from scratch. We have offered free plans for the DIY Pompeii Oven since the beginning of the company, and encourage builders through our Online Forum. James Cubeddu is one of these do-it-yourselfers. He tells us, “Wood fired pizza oven has always been something I wanted, I was brought up with Italian heritage, with authentic wood fired cooking, and it only seemed natural to build one.  I had the space, the rocks, and an awesome master mason.  Josh Smart took the raw oven I built and made it a masterpiece! A Modern Day Michelangelo- thank you Josh!”

Many of our customers like the idea of DIY, but have found that our modular kits are a better solution for them —streamlining the building process and increasing the quality of their ovens and cooking experience 100-fold! They still get to build the enclosures or do the finishing work, but don’t have to fight with the brick domes, which is one of the trickiest parts. The exterior that James and Josh created would work beautifully with any of our pizza oven kits.  Learn More About Modular Kits>>


Modena2G120 – Mosaic — FRESH Wood Fired Pizza West Ashville — Ashville, NC

4-Pic of Mosaic Pizza Oven

From an initial smooth grey finish to Wow! this Modena is a beautiful work of art.

The Modena120 is one of Forno Bravo’s commercial ovens, designed to handle the rigors of restaurant life — high heats and high production pizza output. It comes in fully assembled, knock down, and modular kit models. FRESH West Ashville (originally Pizza Pura) took this robust oven core and turned it into a work of art! Master Mason, Jim Erskine handled the install for the team, building a strong foundation and a smooth finish as a perfect canvas for the artwork. Jim works closely with The Arch, a Forno Bravo dealer in North Carolina which offers many support services to help make their customers’ pizza oven selection and installation run as smooth as silk. The Pizza Pura team created the actual mosaic on the oven. Their attention to detail was just incredible! The current staff at the pizzeria report that the oven is still “performing like a champ,” several years after its initial installation.

As their name suggests, FRESH focuses their business on providing meals made from locally-grown, seasonal, organic produce and meats, whenever possible. They use farmers and farm cooperatives or family-run operations as their primary suppliers, and maintain a large garden out back for fresh basil, flowers, and produce. Their dough is handmade daily. Each pizza is handcrafted by trained pizzaioli, and then baked at 800°F in the Neapolitan Pizza Tradition to provide the best gourmet, wholesome, and unprocessed food possible, all in a sit-down, family environment. Made in the USA, in the Italian tradition, the Modena120 fits FRESH’s philosophy perfectly.  Learn More About the Modena>>


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