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oven roasted shellfish

Oven Roasted Shellfish

Jan 16, 2012

  This is a quick and simple recipe for any combination of shellfish – clams, mussels, etc. Be sure to have lots of crusty bread on hand to help soak up the sauce and juices. Read More

Honey rosemary Salmon

Brick Oven Honey Rosemary Salmon

Dec 28, 2011

Sweet and earthy, this recipe serves up a salmon with a crisp exterior and moist interior for a delicious dish! Read More

Pan Seared Prawns

Dec 19, 2011

This recipes works well in a hot oven (700ºF) using a live fire and a hot, preheated steel pan. Read More

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout (Courtesy of The ARCH)

Oct 20, 2011

We wanted to share this recipe for cooking rainbow trout in your wood-fired oven … taken from The ARCH’s October newsletter. (The ARCH Architectural Finishes, Flooring & More is located in Asheville, North Carolina. See The ARCH’s website at for more information.) Rainbow Trout Start with sustainably harvested fish! Right here in our own backyard of Western North Carolina we have an incredible source for sustainably harvested farm raised... Read More

Brick Oven Sea Bass with Mushrooms

Jun 07, 2011

This dish works best in a terra cotta pan that will hold all the fish in a single layer. Read More



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