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Brick Oven Recipes

Italian and wood-fired brick oven recipes are not terribly complicated. You tend to cook dishes quickly, after doing much of your preparation inside the kitchen (or at the sink of your outdoor kitchen if you are lucky enough to have one). Some dishes require that you take your baking pan out of the brick oven several times, some ask you to check and turn your food once or twice, and many recipes simply have you set your food in the oven and let it go. Our goal is to keep our recipes and preparation straight forward and accessible, so that you will use your oven for everything. If you live in a warm place as we do (both places), you might use you brick oven every day in the summer -- just to keep from having to cook inside the house. And Forno Bravo Brick Oven Recipes can help.

Our recipes are designed to take advantage of the way your brick oven can cook simultaneous from above, with dome heat, reflective heat, and convection, and from below, with heat retained in the cooking surface, to produce great results.

The recipes are divided into the following sections: