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Wood Fired Veggie Quiche

Aug 31, 2023Posted by guestchefPrint

Andrea Colognese of the Jamestown Bread Project has created this wood fired veggie quiche that is magically rich and flakey, but light at the same time. It is a great way to use garden fresh vegetables and the residual heat from your oven the morning after a pizza party.

Wood Fired Veggie Quiche

Andrea Colognese - Jamestown Bread Project
Fresh veggies, delicious cheese, and a light, flakey crust make this a wonderful morning or lunchtime meal.
Course Main Dish
Cuisine French
Servings 2 9" Quiches


Shell / Crust

  • 10 oz Butter - Cold and cut into cubes
  • 1 lb 4 oz AP Flour
  • 1 Tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 Cup Cold Water

Egg Batter

  • 7 Eggs
  • 3/4 Cup Heavy Cream
  • Dash Salt/Pepper
  • 2 Tbsp Flour

Filling (Choose Veggie Combination of Choice - Enough to make 3 cups total when roasted or sauteed)

  • Zucchini - Diced/Chopped
  • Spinach - Diced/Chopped
  • Asparagus - Diced/Chopped
  • Onion - Diced/Chopped
  • Potato - Diced/Chopped
  • 1 Cup Cheddar Cheese - Freshly Shredded



  • Prepare 3 cups of favorite roasted and/or sauteed veggies in a cast iron pan (i.e. zucchini, spinach, asparagus, onion, potato -- your choice)
  • Mix all egg batter ingredients together; set aside.

Shell / Crust

  • Combine flour, sugar, and salt
  • Work butter into flour mixture with a food processor or pastry cutter. Add water and combine until just blended. (Do not overwork the dough) Split the dough into 2 balls of roughly the same size.
  • Roll out dough, and place into quiche molds (2 x 9” molds). Trim top edge flush with mold edge.


  • Sprinkle each bottom with cheddar cheese. Divide a 1/2 cup of cheese between the two molds.)
  • Fill each mold with veggies, then pour the egg mixture over each equally.
  • Sprinkle remaining ½ cup cheddar cheese over each (divided.)
  • Bake at 350F for 30-40 minutes or until golden and domed.
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