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Custom Tiled Pizza Ovens Are Really Gaining Popularity.

Sep 01, 2016Posted by Forno Bravo

Forno Bravo’s custom tiled ovens are becoming a very popular feature. Whether you want a different color scheme, family name or a custom logo engraved, Forno Bravo’s team can make it happen. This service is offered at very reasonable prices, simply because we want our restaurant and home owners to know the oven was crafted specifically for them by Forno Bravo.

Whether you are buying a Napolino or Vesuvio tiled oven for your home, or you are a restaurant owner looking to have your Napoli oven be a showpiece, we can personalize the look to match any decor.

How did all this custom tiling begin?

In 2014, Chef Bart Hosmer signed onto our Chef Panel in the Community Cookbook using a custom logo Forno Bravo oven. We asked our master mason, Guillermo how we should brand the tile work for the oven. The tile work inspired a few restaurants to receive a similar addition to their ovens to brand their restaurants. We expanded this into customer selected colors and patterns and it became more popular.

Forno Bravo Custom TIled Napolino Pizza Oven

Shortly after introducing this, we posted a picture of our assembly area with all custom tiled pizza ovens in production and the photo went viral. Demand for these beautiful, high performing ovens skyrocketed becoming a must have for the discerning customer. Since introduction, we have done many different styles of logos, etched horse heads for a ranch retreat, a pizza guy cartoon, we even did a Ms Pac Man layout, but the customer changed their mind. With Forno Bravo, anything is possible.

How does it work?

When a customer wants custom colors, a sales rep simply coordinates patterns and colors with the client at the time the order is placed. During the construction process we send photos to the customer to ensure they are happy with the progress and that they like the look. Essentially, they are with us while building the oven.

Forno Bravo Custom Tiled Pizza Oven Napoli Wharehouse

Custom logos are hand drawn by our artisan / master mason Guillermo and submitted to the customer for approval. Once the customer approves the logo, we finalize the production, photo the unit and ship it.

Custom Tiled Pizza Oven Napoli Engraveing

Napoli pizza oven rumors Missouri custom tiled pizza oven

Thinking about crafting your very own Custom Tiled Pizza Oven?

Like all our ovens, Forno Bravo controls every aspect of the manufacturing process in our Salinas, CA facility. We do not import, we create. Our “Naples” style ovens (Napolino, Vesuvio and Napoli) are all made using a center vent design found in traditional Italian ovens found in Naples Artisan Pizzerias. The exhaust heat is captured above the dome before it dissipates improving fuel efficiency, even heat distribution and retention. The center vent allows a beautifully round oven hand tiled to really show off your home or restaurant.

Even if you’re just trying to generate a few ideas for your very own custom tiled pizza oven, our team is more than happy to help you through the process. Feel free to shoot us a call or email anytime, or, browse a few of our past builds for inspiration.

Happy Customizing!

Custom Tiled Pizza Oven Forno Bravo Screen Shot



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