Art of Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo Honored by UNESCO

Jan 02, 2018

The Art of Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo was honored in December 2017 as one of the newest traditions added to UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This award places the Italian wood fired, pizza-making style, and all of its associated traditions, up among the greatest cultural gifts to the world. The list was started in 2003 and serves to raise awareness of 429 elements of intangible heritage that deserve preservation for... Read More

Forno Bravo's Showroom pizza oven

Forno Bravo’s New Showroom in Salinas Facility is Done

Dec 19, 2014

Forno Bravo’s showroom in Salinas is up to date and better than ever! We will be shooting a walk through video and updating our website photos, but below is a quick preview for 2015! Not depicted, but available in our Showroom:  Professional 110, Primavera 60, Roma 120 with Gas Assist capable of a full demonstration by appointment. Happy Holidays Read More

Professionale Commercial Pizza Oven Kit Australia

Wood-Fired Croatia (or more accurately, Istria)

Aug 29, 2013

We just returned from a very nice trip to Croatia. I have wanted to explore the Dalmatian coast for years, and the timing was right this summer. Our older daughter spent the summer working on campus in Boston (a very cool research project on pre-fab building using 3D modeling software and CNC laser equipment) and she had two weeks off before the start of school. And we put it to... Read More

Forno Bravo meets Kim Kardashian TV Show

Forno Bravo Meets Reality TV

Jun 25, 2013

  I would not know a Kardashian from Nick and Jessica, but I was told that there was a Forno Bravo pizza ovenon one of the Kardashian TV shows the other night. Now that is cool. The intersection of wood-fired cooking and celebrity. Read More

Shipping Container House on NPR

May 08, 2013

If you are into building things (I am), you might get a kick out of the shipping container house in New York features on NRP’s Science Friday. The house is on a very narrow lot in Brooklyn and is made up from five recycled shipping containers. My favorite part is that because it was easy to cut into the container, they could use recycled windows of just about any size.... Read More

Community Supported Agriculture/Farms (CSA/CSF)

May 05, 2013

Michael Pollan’s new book and the attention it is getting got me thinking (again) about where our basic food stuff come from — so I went back and watched the documentaries Fresh and Ingredients again (I decided to pass on Food, Inc.). All of which got me thinking about farmers’ markets, CSA/CSFs and sustainable food that is good for us, our kids and the planet. To quote Wikipedia: Community-supported agriculture (Sometimes known as community-shared agriculture or CSA) is... Read More


Bread Storage

Mar 27, 2013

We bake and eat a lot of (good, healthy) bread. But there are only three of us when our older daughter is away at college, so we don’t make it through the 2lb loaves that I typically bake in a day or two — so bread storage really matters. Do it wrong, and you end up throwing away of lot of stale bread that could be avoided. Here is a... Read More

A Novel of Ancient Rome

Jan 14, 2013

You know that I have always found ancient Rome interesting (to this day I get a kick just thinking about the wood ovens in Pompeii), and so does my wife — who recently published a historical novel on Galla Placidia, empress of Rome in the mid 400’s. She started researching the book when we were living in Florence, and has now put the finishing touches on the novel, and has... Read More

NY Company Sends 1,000 Pizzas to NYC

Nov 16, 2012

We’re not alone. From the New York Post PTTISFIELD, N.H. — A New Hampshire pizza maker is lending new meaning to pizza-to-go — sending an oven truck and up to 1,000 pizzas to storm ravaged Rockaway Beach in Queens, N.Y. Brad Sterl, CEO of Pittsfield-based Rustic Crust, says a truck carrying a wood-fired pizza oven and American Flatbread frozen pizzas will arrive at the Belle Harbor School in Rockaway on... Read More


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