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Bread Storage

Mar 27, 2013Posted by Forno Bravo

We bake and eat a lot of (good, healthy) bread. But there are only three of us when our older daughter is away at college, so we don’t make it through the 2lb loaves that I typically bake in a day or two — so bread storage really matters. Do it wrong, and you end up throwing away of lot of stale bread that could be avoided.

Here is a nice whole wheat, oat, honey loaf and a banana bread. We aren’t going to eat all if this tomorrow. haha.


As a complete aside, I can see why there are so many traditional recipes that call for stale bread. Back when everyone baked and there wasn’t a supermarket, everyone had lots of stale bread, and they had to figure out something to do with it.

Luckily, the solution is really easy. Amazon carries a nice acrylic bread storage container that works really well. It expands to match the size of your bread, it’s clear so that you can see what you have, it doesn’t take a lot of counter space, and best of all — it really works. We have two and they are in constant use. They cost $13 each, and we have easily save more than $26 by not throwing out stale bread.


Sorry. But I have one more aside. There is a great TED talk on food waste in the developed world. We throw away about half of the food that we produce, and the presenter has some good ideas on what we can be doing about it.

So, bake, eat and enjoy!


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