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The Huntsville Times

Jun 23, 2004

From Italy, with love Nostalgia puts Naples native in the mood for a brick pizza oven Wednesday, June 23, 2004 By KATIE BYERS For The Times, Al Apice loves his pizza. More specifically, he loves what he considers true pizza – the wood-fire-cooked variety with simple, fresh ingredients – that’s a staple of his hometown of Naples, Italy. Even using traditional recipes in his conventional oven, he never could... Read More

The Cincinnati Post

Jun 17, 2004

  Thursday, June 17, 2004 Italian pizzas follow ‘specs’ Staff and wire reports As you might have heard from friends just back from Italy, the pizza experience is not quite the same in the home of its invention. The pizza as Americans know it has been, well, Americanized. There’s the husband of a woman who had enrolled in an Italian cooking school one summer. He just wanted a pizza with... Read More

Press Release 061405

Jun 14, 2004

June 14, 2004 Contact Information James Bairey 39 333 175 0459 (Italy) 1 800 407 5119 (U.S.) Thin Crust or Thick? Forno Bravo Helps End Debate on What is a True Neapolitan Pizza Company Posts English Translation of Italian Government Specification for Vera Pizza Napoletana on Internet Healdsburg, CA and San Gimignano, Italy — June 14, 2004. Forno Bravo, a California company that imports Italian wood fire ovens to... Read More


Jun 02, 2004

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX) June 2, 2004 Grill of your dreams It’s not just a grate on legs anymore. No, the outdoor kitchen is a home resort, complete with wet bar, flat-screen TV, and waterfall. AMY CULBERTSON Star-Telegram Food Editor The backyard barbecue has come a long way, baby. They’re calling it the “home resort’ these days, and what it means is that the trophy kitchen is moving... Read More

Press Release 051704

May 17, 2004

May 17, 2004 Contact Information James Bairey 39 333 175 0459 (Italy) 1 800 407 5119 (U.S.) Forno Bravo Brings Italian Brick Oven Cooking Experience to American Chefs and Families California Company Combines Authentic Hand-Made Italian Pizza Ovens with Space-Age Thermal Technology to Bring Old-World Cooking Experience to American Healdsburg, CA and San Gimignano, Italy a^??g May 17, 2004. Forno Bravo, a California company that marries old-world cooking traditions... Read More

May 06, 2003

Pz.D—Doctor of Pizza, summa cum fungis by Jeff Matthews   Scholars of world literature will recall that in Faust, Goethe’s protagonist laments that even though he has studied philosophy, law, medicine, and theology, he felt that he knew nothing. Especially, he complained (in an unpublished revision), “I can’t make pizza worth a damn!” This is why Goethe undertook his famous Italian Journey. Unfortunately, the only worthwhile thing he wrote on... Read More


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