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Much Better Whole Wheat boules

Aug 23, 2012

Now that we are we have started eating new and improved whole wheat boules, the difference is huge. This bread is moist, the crumb has nice texture and the crust isn’t tough. It’s a pleasure to eat. All of this for 60 grams of water? You can definitely see the difference in the photos. Read More

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Wood-Fired Ciabatta

Jun 23, 2012

I changed gears baking today — from France to Italy and from baguettes to Ciabatta. And I had a ball. Working with a classic Italian bread brought back some happy memories, and the bread was really nice. Very nice. The techniques that I have been developing making other types of bread really spilled over into today’s baking. There are lots of little things to say. First, my dough was 82%... Read More

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