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Showing Off the 2019 Show Ovens

Mar 29, 2019Posted by Forno Bravo

This year, the stars of the Forno Bravo 2019 International Pizza Expo booth were a dashing Napoli120 with a powerful new burner, and the sleek, new, Viaggio100 Mobile Drop-in refractory pizza oven.

Napoli120 Takes Center Stage

The Napoli is a centerpiece oven that is meant to be seen. The team created a bold, custom tile design for the Napoli120 to shine a spotlight on several different logo styles and patterns that are available to customers to further enhance their brand and restaurant themes.

New Burner

For the 2019 Pizza Expo, Forno Bravo introduced our new, more powerful, modulating commercial burner. With a 5:1 range from 20,000 to 140,000+ BTUs (tailored to the oven size and model), this burner automatically adjusts its flame to keep the temperature set by the chef, no matter what volume of pizza is being turned out! Because of the broad BTU range, a benefit is that even at the lowest levels, the flame does not go off, allowing chefs to see their pizza while it is cooking. We were excited to put the burner through its paces, and it performed beautifully! For example, during the big afternoon Pizza Party, the master chefs cranked out about 55 pizzas in 45 minutes and the temperature didn’t flinch!

Fuel Efficient

With its high-tech, 3”-thick refractory dome and industrial grade insulation, the Napoli is very fuel efficient. At the end of the afternoon, we turned off the gas and closed the oven door for the night. When we came back the next morning to fire it back up, the internal temperature had dropped less than 50 degrees! It was back up to 650°F+ and ready for the day’s prep work in minutes. Also, even at the highest temps, the exterior of the oven remained cool to the touch. This is a practical (and appreciated) feature for already hot and busy kitchens.

Viaggio100 Makes Its Debut

The second oven we brought to the Expo was the new Viaggio100 Mobile Drop-in wood fired pizza oven. It was officially introduced to the world at the show and generated lots of attendee interest.

Diverse Looks Available

Available in 3 sizes, 7 colors, and 2 core types to fit any concessionaire’s needs, the Viaggio blends high pizza-baking performance and durable construction with elegant lines and styling. The Viaggio is designed with a stucco finish for weight and cost savings. For the show, we displayed the version which featured a flush-mounted real brick arch, but an extended arch and hearth version is available to customers as well.

Flexible Locations and Performance

Presented on a sturdy, open stand to highlight the oven’s easy mounting design, the Viaggio makes a perfect addition to Forno Bravo’s line of offerings in the growing mobile and food truck market. However, because the Viaggio110 and 120 boast a true, professional-grade oven core, the Viaggio to can be moved to a brick and mortar location as a business grows, and still perform with the best. The Viaggio100 that we displayed, uses the slightly smaller Casa oven core for weight savings on small trailers, quicker heat up times, and smaller catering needs. This is also a popular core for residential applications, and folks enjoyed thinking about ways to incorporate a Viaggio or another Casa oven into their backyard kitchens for evenings with family and friends.


You can click here to learn more about the Napoli commercial pizza oven, or click here to learn more about the Viaggio Mobile Drop-in line.


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