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Schiacciata, with a Little Sourdough: Tuscan Flatbread

Dec 30, 2011

This is a traditional Schiaciatta all’olio (flatbread from Tuscany), with a sourdough boost. Schiacciata literally means “squashed.” If Focaccia is halfway between pizza and bread, then Schiaciatta is halfway between Focaccia and Pizza. It is flat and infused with olive oil. You should bake it pretty hot — around 500°F. Click the links to learn more about making flatbread and wood fired hearth bread in our expansive bread baking sections of the website. A... Read More

Salt Encrusted Pork Loin over Leeks

Dec 28, 2011

This recipe from Jim in CT takes the pork loin taste and combines it with leeks. The result makes this a great wood fired pizza recipe for you to try! Read More


Dec 28, 2011

Most cultures have a form of flatbread — a leavened dough that is baked for a shorter period of time than a traditional hearth loaf or even a focaccia. They are a pleasing addition to any meal, and can be cooked in a pizza hot oven that you are using to cook other foods — which can be too hot for a hearth loaf or focaccia. Unlike a focaccia, a... Read More

Rye Naan

Rye Naan

Dec 11, 2011

This indian-style bread is a great accompaniment to the baked feta recipe I posted last week. It would obviously also be a great side dish for Indian food, and, because of the way it puffs up and creates a pocket, it would be tasty used in place of pita bread for falafel or other “stuffed” sandwiches. Also feel free to substitute another flour for the rye – whole wheat would... Read More

Wood-Oven Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Nov 28, 2011

What follows is my treatise on roasting a holiday turkey in a wood-fired oven. this was my first try at roasting a bird in the oven, but the results were pretty delicious, if i do say so. my thanksgiving guests are willing to back me up, so i’ll take that as enough proof that this is a method worth sharing. as with any wood-oven cooking, results may vary. I’m working... Read More



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