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Naan Bread

Feb 24, 2020

Naan Bread is a versatile form of flat bread that has its roots in India and the Middle East. It is also super easy to make in a wood fired oven! This recipe for Lavender and Fennel Pollen Naan Bread is a gourmet adaptation of the basic recipe and brought to us by Chef Ryan Kirby of Wisconsin. Chef Kirby has a passion for making dishes with local, fresh ingredients. You can... Read More

Pizza du Vully

Pizza du Vully

Apr 22, 2014

This recipe is based on a famous pie from the lake region of Switzerland called Vully. It consists of a sweet dough topped with cream, sugar and butter. Simple, tasty and easy. It is an ideal finish to a pizza night and can be served with a sweet desert white wine. Pizza du Vully 12345 Votes: 1 Rating: 3 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe CoursePizza Pizza du Vully 12345... Read More



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