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Caramelized Apple Pizza

Oct 16, 2014

Just when I had wrapped up a wonderful evening of fresh pizza making, my family turned to me and with lost looks on their faces collectively said, “what no dessert?” Fortunately I had a couple apples handy and gelato in the freezer. I went to work on a quick dessert pizza. The family was thrilled and spared me to cook for them yet another day. Hope you enjoy. Chef Bart... Read More


Tuscan-style Roasted Summer Vegetables on Rosemary Skewers with Herb Pesto

Dec 29, 2011

Serve 1-2 skewers per person with Pistachio-Parsley-Mint Pesto on the side. Read More

Leftover pizza doughball bread

Nov 30, 2011

I admit, the title of this bread is not so great, but I didn’t want to call it Italian Bread, or French bread. I’m afraid it isn’t authentic enough for those titles. Maybe Rustic Sandwich rolls? Read More

Wood-Oven Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Nov 28, 2011

What follows is my treatise on roasting a holiday turkey in a wood-fired oven. this was my first try at roasting a bird in the oven, but the results were pretty delicious, if i do say so. my thanksgiving guests are willing to back me up, so i’ll take that as enough proof that this is a method worth sharing. as with any wood-oven cooking, results may vary. I’m working... Read More


Jun 30, 2011

Porchetta is a highly seasoned pork roast that is rolled in herbs and slow cooked in a WFO.  This version cooks all night and is beautifully flavored with fennel pollen.  Your patience will be rewarded with tender, juicy pork and chewy, crunchy pork skin. Read More



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