Forno Bravo Community Cookbook

The Chef — Dan Compton

The Forno Bravo Cookbook is moderated by Dan Compton—he’s a wonderful chef, and we’re really glad to have him sharing his passion for food, cooking and wood-fired ovens. Dan grew up in Elgin, Ill., just outside Chicago. With romantic visions of being a writer, he attended Northwestern University, where he received a degree in journalism. After college, he moved to San Francisco. It was there, at his neighborhood farmer’s market rooting through a particularly luscious batch of tomatoes, that he was bitten by the cooking bug.


The onset of symptoms was slow but steady, with the disease eventually reaching his brain and causing him to make the decision to move back to the Midwest and attend culinary school. Dan earned his culinary arts degree at Kendall College in Chicago. He now works as a cook at Vie in Western Springs, one of only two restaurants in the Chicago suburbs to receive a coveted Michelin star.

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