Forno Bravo Community Cookbook

Omul s Zapravkoj Gorcicnoj (salmon)


3 lbs. Omul (Russian baikal fish) substed salmon fillet, 2 Tbs sunflower oil, 3 Tbs fine mustard (dijon), 1-2 Tbs honey, juice and zest from a half lemon, 2 Tbs dill, chopped,  pepper & salt

Prepare a medium hot fire (325°F) in the oven.

Oil a baking sheet or a clay dish. Put your fillet on the dish. Mix all remaining ingredients in a bowl and brush the paste in a thick layer over the fillet.

Bake about 10 minutes and let rest a short time. Garnish with some dill sprigs. Serve with french bread or basmati rice and with dry white wine.

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