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Toscana100 Home Pizza Oven – Gas or Wood Fired

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Wood Fired for indoor or outdoor installation.

Gas option available for outdoor installations.

The Toscana100 Home Pizza Oven is a 40″ fully assembled pizza oven featuring three (3) distinctive decorative styles, each with a true brick arch and oven landing. These designs include (1) a Mediterranean Igloo (or dome), (2) a Gabled Roof, or (3) Hipped Roof. All three Toscana oven styles are done with a beautiful painted stucco finish.

This gas or wood fired pizza oven features 40 minute heat up time and outstanding heat retention. Capable of cooking as many as 80+ pizzas per hour, this oven can accommodate large parties. Popular in Southwest due its traditional Mediterranean style stucco design.

Easily installed by forklift or hoist and can be taken with you when you move. The Toscana pizza oven is assembled onto a concrete pad with rebar and can be set on your outdoor kitchen hearth or you can purchase our Cucina Stand to make assembly easier.

Made from our Casa home pizza oven kit which is UL certified for indoor or outdoor kitchen installation.

Oven tools sold separately.

Toscana100 home pizza oven includes:

  • Complete oven assembly (Dome, Gabled or Hipped)
  • Steel stove pipe or masonry flue depending on style;
  • Steel door and thermometer;
  • 7 Stucco Colors Included
  • Countertop or Cucina stand (sold separate).

Toscana100 home pizza oven specifications:

  • 40″, cooking surfaces; with 8″ oven landing;
  • Extended decorative brick arch and landing;
  • You can bake 4 pizzas at a time, or up to 80+ per hour;
  • UL certified indoor wood fired oven; outdoor wood or gas available.
  • Three design styles Dome, Gabled and Hipped, visit our Toscana Photo Gallery.

Optional Drago P1+ Outdoor Gas Burner Kit includes:

  • Liquid Propane – 51,000 BTUs; Natural Gas – 38,000 BTUs
  • Flame control system with pilot, low and high flame settings;
  • Stainless steel guard to protect burner;
  • Remote thermocouple with wire and gauge;
  • Gas leak detector.

Learn more about our home gas pizza oven option, click here.

Optional for Toscana100 home pizza oven:

  • Custom tile colors;
  • Pre-cured oven so you can cook on day one;
  • Optional Cucina Stand;
  • Double wall chimney for going through patio covers.
  • Pizza oven tools.

NOTE: Gas burner option only available for outdoor installations.

Change exterior facade from stucco to brick, stone or other product (contact us for details).

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To learn about pizza ovens in general, click here.

Weight 3245 lbs
Dimensions 59 × 75 × 64 in

Dome, Gable, Hipped


Masonry, Steel Stove Pipe, Double Wall Steel Chimney


Wood, Liquid Propane, Natural Gas


“We re-did our backyard and this has not only become a beautiful focal point, but where everyone gathers for family pizza night. It’s brought so much life to our backyard, we couldn’t be more in love with it!”

Tim L. | Encinitas, CA


“Our family visited Florence and took a cooking class to make wood-fired pizza and gelato. We enjoyed it so much my husband wanted one for his 50th birthday party. We did most of the installation ourselves except for the crane delivery. We love having friends and family over for our own little taste of Italy in our backyard.”

Lisa C. | Sammamish, WA


We Love pizza!!!!! Fun family event to make food we love to eat!!!

Scott M. | Seattle, WA


“We installed our Toscana 80 in our party barn. We incorporated it into our rustic farm decor and it fits perfectly! We love having friends and family over and making great pizzas for everyone!”

Kevin D. | Michigan


“We built a new house around the pizza oven. The house is not done yet, but we have used the pizza oven multiple times already! Mark had his first wood-fired pizza in Tuscany with a friend about 15 years ago. He was hooked and this has been a dream ever since. It is now a reality and becoming a family tradition. We have an Italian theme going with an Italian chef’s hat, Italian music, and of course, Chianti.”

Mark and Barbara G. | Wilmington, VT


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