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Castroville, California

Forno Bravo is a leading manufacturer of home pizza ovens, commercial pizza ovens and fireplaces for the global marketplace. Our gas and wood fired ovens and fireplaces are designed, cast, and assembled at our Castroville, California factory, using custom-designed tooling and equipment, as well as our own proprietary refractory technology.

In-House Expertise

Unlike many other U.S. pizza oven companies, we do not rely on a distant European or Asian oven producer,  contract manufacturers, or “pre-mixed” materials. We own our own factory and control every step of our process to ensure we are shipping out quality products that will serve you and your business or family well for years to come. With significant in-house expertise in pizza oven design, the mixing and casting of high-tech refractory material, sheet metal fabrication, masonry, assembly and finishing, and other manufacturing processes, we have created an outstanding family of pizza ovens and fireplaces.

Certifications and Specialties

The majority of our ovens are tested and certified to UL, ANSI and NSF standards. This means that beyond our stringent in-house policies and standards, our manufacturing operations are inspected and re-certified every quarter by outside auditors. Having created and assembled several thousand ovens over the years, our craftsmen and women are experts in professional, creative custom tiling, and smooth stucco finish applications. They take pride in their work and enjoy a challenge!

Forno Bravo is proud to support American workers and a long tradition of manufacturing world-class products that are sold in North America and exported around the world. Come visit our showroom in Castroville and see where they are made!

man welding Bell Pizza Oven

Solid weld construction on the inner body of a Bella Pizza Oven.

Silver Chimney and Chimney Cap

Attention to detail — Hand polishing the Bella’s chimney and laser cut chimney cap at the Colorado factory.

Two Bella Pizza Ovens in Open Crates

Crating Bellas for shipment from the Colorado factory to the anywhere in the world.

Made in the USA

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Starting in 2014, Forno Bravo began utilizing the Colorado factory of our sister company, Micro Metals, Inc., to manufacture our line of Bella Stainless Steel Mobile Pizza Ovens. These sleek ovens are produced in their state-of-the-art, full-service, contract metal fabrication and manufacturing facility. In a close partnership, Micro Metals also produces our steel Bella carts, the Forno Bravo oven doors, and several other metal parts and accessories used on and with our ovens, increasing our quality, capacity, and commitment to manufacturing in the U.S.A.


The company is family owned and has been in business since 1972. Located in Colorado Springs, the factory is 141,000 sq ft, with an additional 208,000 sq ft of outside storage. It features automated laser and water-jet cutting equipment, CNC machining capabilities, automated and manual press brakes, in-house welding, and liquid paint and powder coating facilities, along with many other cutting-edge machines, skilled craftsmen and women, and in-house engineering and design teams!

Certifications and Standards

Micro Metals carries multiple industry-leading certifications. For example, they are platinum certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, JIT Certified, hold multiple welding certifications (from TACOM and AWS) and are CARC paint certified (DCMA and TACOM approved.) They are regularly inspected and hold themselves to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

The team at Micro Metals is experienced at custom manufacturing steel products to the exacting standards and tolerances of the U.S. military, aerospace, telecommunications, oil and gas, and construction industries, among others. They are now applying these same skills and standards to build the best steel pizza ovens on the market today!

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