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The No-Touch Fire

Sep 09, 2012Posted by Forno Bravo

The top-down technique for building a fire in your wood-fired oven works extremely well. I first heard about the top-down fire in the FB Forum, and it’s great. We now have a video on the Forno Bravo YouTube page, and I have blogged about fire building in the past.

Today, I have a little more to add. With a small to mid-size pizza oven, you can load enough wood into your initial top-down fire that you can light it and forget it, and your oven will retain enough heat for serious bread baking or roasting. The No-Touch fire.

Check out the picture below in my small Strata60 oven. By stacking the wood all the way to the top of the oven dome, I was able to easily bake three loaves of bread and still had a lot of heat left for other baking. It took about two pieces of ordinary firewood.

Please forgive the next bad photo. But it reinforces the idea that you don’t have to do anything after you stack and light your fire. All of wood catches fire, so you can just walk away. After all (or at least most) of the wood have fully burned, you close the door on the oven opening and wait for the temperature to regulate to the bread baking or roasting temperature that you want. This is easier than a Weber!



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