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Strada Portable Pizza 0ven: Pizza Napoletana “To Go”

Residential Portable Pizza Oven StradaStrada Portable Pizza 0ven: Pizza Napoletana “To Go”
Strada in SUV pizza oven Forno BravoStrada Portable Pizza 0ven: Pizza Napoletana “To Go”

Strada Portable Pizza Oven Starts at $2200.

The Strada is a fully-assembled pizza oven for backyards or tailgating. Considered one of the lightest true refractory portable pizza ovens, you can take it anywhere. The Strada is a real wood fired pizza oven, featuring a 24” cooking floor with room enough for a live fire and an 11” traditional Pizza Napoletana, or 6-8 loaves of bread using retained heat.

Like all Forno Bravo pizza ovens, the Strada portable pizza oven is built using high-tech refractories and space-age insulators, ensuring optimal high temperature baking performance for perfect Pizza Napoletana and excellent heat retention for baking and roasting. This helps you bake the perfect pizzahearth bread, roasts and grilled meats.

The Strada is available as a wood fired pizza ovens for outdoor kitchens.

Strada portable pizza oven specifications:

  • 24″ cooking surface;
  • 16” x 9 1/2” oven opening and a low 12” dome
  • You can bake one 11″ pizza at a time;
  • You can bake 6 to 8 loaves of bread;
  • Outdoor use only, but can be installed under a patio cover using double wall chimney;
  • Wood fired pizza oven, no gas or charcoal.

Strada portable pizza oven includes:

  • Complete oven assembly;
  • Decorative Steel housing in red or bronze;
  • Steel door and thermometer;
  • Stove pipe and chimney cap;
  • Optional Steel stand.

Optional for Strada portable pizza oven:

Strada Core Technologies:

  • We make the oven dome using a 38% alumina (81% alumina and silica) refractory material cast in a two-sided, vibrated form—a higher quality process than many competitor residential pizza oven kits.
  • The oven floor is made using large 12”x12” commercial-grade (2,700psi compressed and 2650ºF kiln-fired) firebrick floor tiles—superior to any other home pizza ovens.
  • Ultra-premium insulation, both in quality and thickness, for outstanding heat retention. Each pizza oven includes a minimum of 3” of high-tech ceramic blanket dome insulation and 2” of ceramic board floor insulation — eliminating the need for old-fashioned and inefficient vermiculite or Perlite-based insulating concrete.
  • The oven’s innovative design combines the benefits of an integrated vent and chimney, with the space and weight savings of enclosing the chimney inside the oven chamber. As a result, the Strada delivers the maximum cooking capacity per pound of oven weight.

Strada portable pizza oven summary:

The Strada portable pizza oven combines fast heat-up (as quick as 20 minutes) with excellent heat-holding capabilities. The outer shell of the oven stays cool, while the pizza oven chamber easily maintains 750ºF plus, to bake authentic Italian pizza in two minutes.

The Strada portable pizza oven is the right choice for homeowners who want an outdoor pizza oven they can use for tailgating and parties Great for those who want a real Italian style pizza oven—but has limited space and budget. It will fit in your truck, minivan and even most SUVs.

Competitively priced and made in the USA, the Strada portable pizza oven is a great value.

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Strada60 Portable Pizza Oven Cooking Surface: 24" x 24" Area (sq. in.): 452 Heat Up (min): 20 Pizzas (10"): 1$2,200 - $2,400

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All ovens include the oven, door and thermometer.

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