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Tri-Pic of Roma Pizza Oven

Small’s Family Farm — Taking a Roma on the Road

Sep 10, 2018Posted by Forno Bravo

Small’s Family Farm has been a farming staple in the valley of Walla Walla, Washington for five generations. The family prides itself on using sustainable farming practices with a view to the long-term health of the land. They produce and mill a high-quality, all-purpose flour, and also a high-protein bread flour (15.7% protein.) The bread flour is specially made from red spring wheat, and is fantastic for pizza dough and bread.

One of the ways that the Smalls share their artisan product with the world is by going to various trade shows on the West Coast. Always creative, as any small business has to be, they commissioned a custom-tiled Forno Bravo Roma Commercial Pizza Oven with wheels.  Learn More about the Roma>>

White Roma Pizza Oven on Wheeled Stand

Roma110 on Wheels Specially Designed for Small’s Family Farm

The oven was designed to be used in their trade show booth for baking demonstrations, at community events, and on the farm for their family and guests. As a heavier commercial oven, the Roma is usually a stationary unit because of its weight and extra thermal mass. However, the Smalls needed something easy to transport. So, they requested a stand built with extra-large, sturdy wheels. This was a first for the Forno Bravo team, but a solution was found, and the oven rolls right along! Their Roma can be heated with gas, or with wood fuel, so that the Smalls can easily transition between indoor and outdoor events. (Fire marshals get crabby about wood smoke in convention halls.)

The oven premiered at the 2018 Northwest Food Show in Portland, OR in April, the largest food show in the Pacific Northwest. Seth Small reported back that the oven and demos were, “A big hit and a huge draw at our booth.” They also used it at the 2018 Grain Gathering at Washington State University where author, teacher, and bread expert, Richard Miscovich taught a class for the crowd on hearth bread and wood fired cooking techniques using the Roma oven.

Check out some of the photos from the 2018 Northwest Food Show during setup (before the show opened and the booth got crazy,) as well as from the 2018 Grain Gathering. The Smalls are excited about line up already planned for 2019!

4-pic of trade show booth

Small’s Family Farm Booth with the Roma Pizza Oven at the 2018 Northwest Food Show. It was all hands on deck!


Bi-Pic Oven and 4 people - Teacher and oven under canopy

Small’s Family Farm at the 2018 Grain Gathering and a class taught by bread expert, Richard Miscovich

You can also visit the Small’s Family Farm Facebook page to see a fun video of the uncrating process when the oven first arrived at the farm.

Oven and stand in crate

The Grand Reveal (Uncrating) Video



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