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Professional Pizza Stones added to Store

Mar 05, 2006Posted by Forno Bravo


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Forno Bravo Adds Professional Pizza Stone to On-Line Store
Mar. 5, 2006. Windsor, CA. Forno Bravo, LLC, a leading provider of Italian-made pizza ovens for pizzerias, restaurants and homeowners, introduced a family of professional pizza stones to its on-line store. The stones offer exceptional thermal performance.

Compared with basic pizza stones, they heat up faster and hold heat longer. To test them, we set a cold stone in a cold oven, then set the oven temperature to 550F. I did the two tests on separate days to let the oven fully cool. After 25 minutes the Forno Bravo stone was 420, while the kiln shelf was 350F. After 35 minutes, the Forno Bravo stone was 525F, but the kiln shelf was 440F. The kiln shelf didn’t reach 535F until after more than an hour. That explains a lot.

We’ve already added it to the Forno Bravo Store.

About Forno Bravo, LLC
Forno Bravo is a leading provider of wood and gas-fired pizza ovens for pizzerias, restaurants and homeowners is located in Windsor, CA. The company has developed partnerships with Italy’s leading producers of ovens, pizza oven tools and accessories, and pizza ingredients. Through its sales and service centers located in the Northern California wine country, Cumbria, England and Auckland, New Zealand, and dealers throughout the world, the company ships pizza ovens to the entire English-speaking world. James Bairey, a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur who helped launch numerous successful computer companies, founded Forno Bravo in 2004.

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