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Overview of Fully Assembled Ovens for Summer

Jul 23, 2019Posted by Forno Bravo

Ready to make the leap and start cooking in a wood fired pizza oven this summer? It’s not too late. Forno Bravo has a whole line of easy-to-install, fully assembled, residential ovens that fit that goal exactly.  Let us introduce you to a few of them, so that no matter what your style or available space is, we have an oven for you. Make 2019 the year you stop ‘waiting for later’ and get your pizza party started now!


We offer 3 families of finishes on our home ovens. All of them are designed to handle the rigors of being outdoors with grace and panache, but are also beautiful enough to enjoy up close and personal.

  • Stucco: Primavera and Toscana
  • Tile: Napolino and Vesuvio
  • Steel/Steel Enclosed: Bella and Andiamo

All of our stucco and tile finishes are placed by our talented craftsmen and women in Salinas, CA, with our steel work done in both California and Colorado Springs, CO. We offer multiple colors and patterns in all of our finishes to make sure that our ovens match your vision and preference! By choosing a Forno Bravo oven, quality is already assured. Every oven we make, small or large, assembled or kit, is incredibly durable, with top of the line components for tested and true performance that is guaranteed to last, so it is matter of choosing “Which” not “If.”

Color Samples

Tile (Standard and Extended Colors) and Stucco (Standard Color Choices)

Sizes & Fuel

While finish is one element in the choice of an oven, size and fuel are the other two factors to consider. Refractory pizza ovens are like big batteries — you first fill them with heat from the fire, and then the oven releases that heat back into the food over time. Filling a large oven with heat takes longer than filling a small oven will; conversely, a large oven is able to hold more heat for cooking more food for a longer period of time than an small oven. Balancing the amount of room you have, the amount of food or pizzas you would like to cook at once, and how long you want to wait for your oven to fully fire, will determine the best oven size for you and your family.

Fuel – Wood, gas, or both? This is a critical question to answer.

Wood – Our smaller ovens that are built on the Giardino oven core (Primavera, Napolino, Andiamo) and the steel Bellas are wood fired only. Because of their more compact size, they require very little fuel and heat up extremely quickly!

Primavera70 Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Tim R

This wood fired Primavera70 really glows at night

Gas or combo – If you would like to have the gas burner option for simplicity and convenience in your cooking, then the Casa or Premio ovens cores are the right choice (Toscana, Vesuvio, Custom) These larger units are larger, thicker, and a bit slower to heat, but are able to continue cooking for hours with residual heat, long after your original fire has gone out.

grey rock tile pizza oven

Vesuvio100 with custom tile and a gas burner ready for a countertop installation

gas burner - wood fire

Using both wood and gas in a Casa or Premio core

Variety – Forno Bravo has the widest line of residential ovens on the market! Each of our models come in 2 – 4 sizes, so you can fine tune your choice even further. Our sales team can help walk you through the options or our website is packed with resources to help you learn and decide.

Easy Installation

All of our fully assembled ovens can come pre-cured for immediate use. Most of our ovens come with an option for a sturdy steel stand, others are on mobile carts for maximum placement flexibility (Bellas and Andiamos roll like a BBQ, and cook like a dream!) The third choice is to build a sturdy countertop/prep area that can handle the weight of the oven for a more custom look.

Men moving oven-man pointing to pizza oven

Maneuvering an Andiamo70 through a narrow patch to its new home on the patio

The ovens are securely delivered right to your house in a crate with an attached pallet. It comes on a truck with a lift gate (smaller ovens), for unloading with a fork lift (larger ovens), or on a flat bed truck (largest ovens.) How the oven is moved/installed varies based on whether your model is a stand or countertop model, and the degree of access to your back yard. Our staff will provide clear instructions on what you will need to move your oven into place, or you can check out the Resources section of our website for photos and step by step info on the process.

Oven in open crate - crate on forklift

Crates for smaller ovens come with a built in ramp for using a pallet jack. Larger ovens are moved with a forklift or crane.

Turn Times

Forno Bravo factory assembled ovens are made to order to your specifications. Typically, the more custom your design, the longer the lead time we will need, but many of our fully assembled ovens are available in the standard colors and styles with very short turn times. Currently, we can have them ready to ship for your patio or kitchen from just a few weeks to a little over a month, depending on the model. Our compact Primavera and the steel Bella traditionally have the shortest lead times. (If you are interested in a DIY finish, our modular oven kits are kept in stock and are usually available to ship in just 2-3 business days!)

tiled ovens at factory

Made in the USA – We make all of our finished ovens and refractory kits in house for great craftsmanship and quality control.

So place your order now by phone, email, our online store, or dealers, and you too can make 2019 the summer that your food, family, and friend time is transformed by wood fired cooking!

blue and white tile Napolino with small fire

After receiving your Napolino – Step 1 is installation. Step 2 is curing your oven with a series of fires gradually increasing in size. Step 3 is cooking to your heart’s content for years to come!



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