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Artichoke, Pesto, and Burrata Pizza with Lemony Arugula

Apr 29, 2021

Ever craved a vegetarian pizza, but wanted it to be flavorful and filling too? You are in luck. This combination from Half Baked Harvest checks all of the boxes! You can pair it with a whole wheat crust for a heartier taste or a 00 flour crust for a lighter texture. One of the specialty items in this recipe is burrata cheese. Burrata is a bit like mozzarella on the... Read More

Piece of Roasted Salmon-fire

Wood Fired Cedar Plank Salmon

Aug 16, 2019

Home chef, Doug Garner, from Kyle, Texas loves cooking in his custom, wood fired brick oven. He mostly makes pizzas, but has added salmon, steaks, cobblers, and roasted veggies as other go to items! He submitted these beautiful photos for our 2019 Summer Photo Contest, and they looked so good, we just had to get his recipe! Following is his recipe for a Wood Fired Cedar Plank Salmon that is both... Read More



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