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Brick Oven Bus in Eagan MN

Mar 21, 2024Posted by Forno Bravo

This pizza company is making a buzz on the streets of Minnesota. With a growing fleet of pizza oven buses, the whole area is bound to experience some out-of-this-world pizzas.

It Started With a Daughter’s Request

Paris Rosen, the owner of Brick Oven Bus, had a unique solution to his daughter’s wish. The school was only walking distance from their house, but his daughter wanted to experience riding a school bus. So, when one of  his friends put a bus up for sale, he jumped at the chance to buy it.

They drove it during the summer months but then an idea hit – to sell neapolitan pizza in a bus.

The idea originated from going to his friend’s house for a pizza party. If you are a Forno Bravo owner, you know how those party goes – the experience is amazing because of the company and pizza. So, he wanted to share that experience to people around the area.

And now, they have…

5 Buses and Counting

At the time of this writing, bus number 5 has just been added to the fleet; bus number 6 is currently being built. This allows them to be…

Booked Almost Everyday

Their calendar is packed. With 5 buses at their disposal, they can accommodate multiple customers.

Parked in a Firestation – Like the Ghost Busters

Rosen’s first bus was first kept at his house. But as the business exploded, they needed to find it a new home.

Finally, they stumbled upon the perfect spot: a fire station with big garage doors and enough room for all their buses. It’s like their very own Ghostbusters HQ, the ultimate hangout spot for their crew.

Customers get to enter the bus

Again, it’s not just about the pizza, it’s about the experience. Imagine seeing the crew in action as they make your pizza in less than 5 minutes. That being said though…

Their pizzas are also special because…

They use a sourdough starter. The sourdough adds another dimension of flavor to the pizza which will blow your mind. On top of that…

They have a hard working team…

…that is making the pizza and experiences for customers possible. After each shift, the buses get cleaned and the crew go through a checklist to get ready for the next day.

A lot of work go into making their pizza, so if you are in their area, show your appreciation by supporting their business.

How did  they put a pizza oven in their buses?

Using fully assembled ovens would have required them to cut the buses one way or another, but with not with a kit.

With the Forno Bravo Prossionale110 kit, it allowed them to bring  in the oven piece by piece.

Book an Appointment

If you are in the Twin Cities area, check out their site for their public schedule. You can also book appointments for private events. Experience what it’s like to be in a Brick Oven Bus and taste delicious pizzas.

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