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Pizza Amore Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza on YouTube

Sep 16, 2012

Pizza Amore Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza — they have a Forno Bravo oven installed on a really slick trailer — has posted a video on YouTube. Check it out to see how they set up their trailer. Read More

Pizza Tonight — A Great Name for a Pizza Catering Company

Sep 14, 2012

Check out Pizza Tonight in Richmond, VA. They operate a trailer-based Forno Bravo oven built by The Fire Within. It looks really good. You can reach them at 804.658.4968 and INFO@PIZZATONIGHT.COM   Read More

Bread, Bread Everywhere

Sep 13, 2012

Bread Baking Habit   Maybe I should start giving away bread to the neighbors. Better yet, I could sell it to help pay for my obvious whole wheat flour abuse habit. haha. The good news is that I am racing on Saturday, and I’m trying to put on a couple of pounds of carbs over the next two days. Read More

But Wait. There’s More.

Sep 12, 2012

If you order now, we will also include this nice loaf of banana bread. haha. This posting is about the remarkable heat retention that I am getting with my Strada60 oven, and how little wood it takes to fire the oven. It’s surprising even me. Today I build a typical two-log fire and baked two baguettes and the loaf of toasting bread that I was plotting out earlier today. But... Read More

Plan B

Sep 12, 2012

Getting your kids to eat well (and helping them come to understand on their why it is so important) is one of the most important things we do as parents. But it isn’t easy. I’ve been blogging about how to make healthy bread that is good enough so that the family actually eats it. Recently I have been pulling back from my hearty whole grain, seed and nut loaves in... Read More

Over-Proofed Bread in a Pizza Oven

Sep 12, 2012

This is what over-proofed bread looks like when you have loaded it in your pizza oven. In case you were wondering. You might think I would have worked it out by now that if you shape your loaves before you fire your oven, things aren’t going to be ready in sync. Firing my Strada60 takes about two hours to light, fire and cool/regulate, so if your dough is lively and... Read More

Half Whole Wheat Ciabatta

Sep 10, 2012

One of the advantages of baking a lot of bread is that you get to experiment a lot. You know — mess around. Yesterday I made a non-existent bread (non c’e, or non esiste as you would say in Italian), 50% whole wheat, 50% AP Ciabatta. The funny part of this is that a Ciabatta is a light Italian hearth bread made with a very wet dough and baked in... Read More

Wood-Fired-blog September 2012

September 2012 | No. 42; Expo 2012 & Pesto Seafood Pizza

Sep 10, 2012

Welcome to Our Wood-Fired-Blog September 2012   Who’s ready for a food-filled fall? We at Forno Bravo hope you’re enjoying the change in seasons and making good use of those ovens. On the recipe front, our September newsletter includes another great pizza idea from Brad English of Pizza Quest: pesto seafood pizza. We’ve also shared a delectable meat dish from the Community Cookbook. Finally, see the article at right for... Read More

The No-Touch Fire

Sep 09, 2012

The top-down technique for building a fire in your wood-fired oven works extremely well. I first heard about the top-down fire in the FB Forum, and it’s great. We now have a video on the Forno Bravo YouTube page, and I have blogged about fire building in the past. Today, I have a little more to add. With a small to mid-size pizza oven, you can load enough wood into... Read More



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