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Innovating the Pizza Oven; Part II

Sep 30, 2012

In yesterday’s posting about the Ovens from Napoli, I found myself writing and thinking about the companies that make pizza ovens, and their underlying organizational and design philosophies. And whether they are innovative or traditional; pushing the state-of-the-art or still making their grandfather’s pizza oven. One of the first things that struck me was how virtually every other pizza oven company is deeply rooted in the past, and how much... Read More

Anthony Falco Roberta’s in Brooklyn

Sep 30, 2012

We just received this from Joseph at The Fire Within, and wanted to share it with you. Anthony Falco Roberta’s in Brooklyn Pier 17 south street seaport free concert sponsored by bud light lime. 600 pizzas in 4 hours! In a portable Forno Bravo oven. That’s pretty cool. You can read More About Anthony Falco.   Read More

Making a Pretty Good Baguette with Pizza Dough

Aug 25, 2012

Everybody has leftover pizza dough. Two nights ago, we had company and made flatbreads to go with steak and salads, and we ended up with two 275 gram dough balls. They weren’t anything special; just regular 65% hydration dough using Trader Joe’s general purpose flour (embarrassing, but we ran out of both Caputo and Central Milling 00), and the dough balls sat out most of the evening and developed a... Read More

Kitchen Sink Bread

Jul 31, 2012

It was one of those moments where you have lots of odds and ends of things lying around — so I made them into bread. It’s quite a list, but it came out nicely. Here goes: 300 grams whole wheat flour 600 grams white whole wheat flour 100 grams AP flour 30 grams honey 30 grams olive oil 30 grams molasses 10 grams yeast 20 grams salt 50 grams flax... Read More

We're on TV

Jul 17, 2012

Thanks to GPT Construction near Sacramento, CA for this. One of their great pizza oven and pool projects was on CBS Local Good Day Sacramento — as part of their Pools to Drool Over series. Very fun. You can also check out their 3D visualization of the project on YouTube. httpvh:// Read More

Oven Size and Throughput

Jul 16, 2012

After posting about oven size and throughput and receiving a couple of email messages with questions on how oven size impacts throughput, I had an idea — I decided to lay out a series of simple drawings that show just how many pizzas you can fit into each size oven. Here is a spreadsheet with the results and a couple of sample layouts. Oven size 11” pizzas 24” 1 28”... Read More

Balancing Oven Dome and Floor Temperature

Jul 15, 2012

Every pizza oven is a little bit unique in how it absorbs and stores heat and how it cooks. That means that you always have to do a little bit of experimenting with a new oven (or a friends oven, or an oven at your vacation rental house) to work out how to be fire your oven and make it just right for the type of cooking that you are... Read More

Pizza Oven Size and Throughput

Jul 14, 2012

How many pizzas can you put in a wood-fired oven at a time? How many pizzas can you make per hour? This is useful information whether you operate a restaurant or throw parties for friends and family. In general, throughput is based on concurrent places in the oven and the number of pizzas you can bake in each place per hour. I think it is fair to say that there... Read More

Esternos Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Jun 30, 2012

This is not a Forno Bravo oven (it is home grown), but I think their design is very cool. Good luck guys! Esternos Wood Fired Pizza 2530 Queensgate Dr Richland, WA (509) 460-1252 Read More



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