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10 Reasons to Buy a Casa2G Oven

1. I want to bake lots of Vera Pizza Napoletana for family and friends.

The Casa2G is available in four larger sizes—ranging from 32″ – 44″, and are capable of baking multiple pizzas a time. The larger oven sizes are perfect for entertaining family and friends. Plus, the Casa2G commercial-grade dome and cooking floor hold high heat for continuous pizza baking. Your oven never slows down.

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2. I am serious about cooking. I want to roast, bake, and grill for parties and my family.

The Casa2G ovens are larger, heavier, and denser than the Primavera ovens. They give you more room for making bigger and more complicated meals, and they hold heat longer than any other residential pizza oven. The Casa2G oven opening is also larger, making it possible for you to roast larger dishes, including a large turkey. If you like the Primavera oven, but it is just a little too small, the Casa2G oven—or an assembled Toscana oven—is right for you.

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3. I want to bake lots of bread, with multiple batches per firing.

The Casas2G ovens are large enough to bake more bread that you could ever eat. Plus, the oven dome and cooking floor are made from high-purity, high-density refractory material, and incredible insulation, which means they hold heat better than other pizza ovens. You will be amazed at how long the Casa2G oven stays hot, and how you can bake multiple batches and different types of bread from a single oven firing.

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4. I want to use my oven a lot, so I need the oven to heat up really fast.

The Casa2G ovens are made from materials with a very high alumina/silica content, giving our ovens very fast heat up times—under an hour, and as fast as 30 minutes for the smaller sizes. The Casa2G ovens are now also available with gas options. Using gas or wood/gas combinations can help simplify and speed up firing times to get you cooking even sooner.

5. Budget is an important issue; I want to find a good deal.

We feel the same way. That is why the Casa2G ovens cost significantly less than other modular ovens, and they are even competitive with the cost of building a brick oven by hand. Our mission has always been to make brick ovens and wood fired cooking more popular in the English-speaking world. They are already popular in Italy and other Mediterranean countries, but high costs have held back many buyers in the US, Canada, Northern Europe, and Australia. The problem has gotten even worse with high shipping costs and the strong Euro. The Casa2G is a true breakthrough product in the wood oven market.

6. I don’t want to shop around for all the installation accessories. I want it to be simple.

The Casa2G oven kit includes everything you need to assemble your oven, including the oven dome and floor, vent, mortar, door, thermometer, complete dome and floor insulation, and chimney. No other wood oven comes even close. All you need to supply are blocks, concrete, and stucco, plus a little labor. There is no extra shopping, research, shipping, or cost surprises.

7. I want to do a fully custom installation, where my oven looks permanent and built-in.

The Casa2G oven is the perfect wood fired oven engine. It can be built into virtually any outdoor cooking and entertaining design—including a stone, brick or stucco enclosure. You can customize the exterior look to your heart’s content without sacrificing great cooking performance.

8. I like the Igloo design, but the Primavera oven is too small.

It’s easy to assemble the Casa2G as a traditional Igloo design. You will be surprised at how easy it is to do. If you just aren’t good with tools or do not have the time to assemble your Casa2G oven, you can always buy the Toscana oven from Forno Bravo. The Toscana oven comes fully finished and assembled using the Casa2G core, and it does not cost a great deal more than a Primavera oven.

9. I want to be sure my pizza oven is going to last.

Definitely. After the cost and effort of installing your pizza oven, you want to be sure it is going to last for years—even with lots of use. The Casa2G ovens are made using commercial-grade refractory materials that simply do not wear out. We have helped thousands of people install pizza ovens, and we have a lot of experience that shows that these higher-grade materials really matter. They cost us more, but they are worth it.

10. I am pretty handy. I want to install my oven myself.

That’s a great idea. The Casa2G ovens feature interlocking joints and a monoblock, integrated vent that make it easy for you to install the oven yourself—everything snaps nicely together. Other ovens are more “rustic” and the oven dome and vent pieces can be difficult to line up. We’ve been there. You can assemble the Casa2G oven floor, dome, and vent in a matter of minutes.

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