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Casa110 Home Pizza Oven Kit – Gas or Wood

Oven Size:



44″ Pizza Oven Kit ships in 3 to 7 days!

Wood Fired for indoor or outdoor installation.

Gas option available for outdoor installations.

The Casa110 home pizza oven kit is UL certified for indoor or outdoor kitchens. It has a 44″ cooking floor capable of baking 5 – 10 inch pizzas at a time. This gas or wood fired pizza oven features 30 minute heat up time and outstanding heat retention. The perfect pizza oven engine.

Pizza oven kit includes everything you need to assemble a professional-grade wood fired pizza oven, including refractory dome and vent, firebrick tile cooking floor, 3″ (3 x 1″) ceramic blanket dome insulation, 2″ ceramic board floor insulation, high temp mortar, 8″ x 24″ stainless steel chimney with rain cap, steel door and thermometer.

Oven tools sold separately.

Casa110 home pizza oven kit includes:

  • Commercial grade refractory 2″ oven dome with integral vent;
  • Firebrick cooking floor that is NSF-4 certified for use with food;
  • 3″ Ceramic fiber insulation blanket and 2″ board to fully insulate pizza oven;
  • High temperature mortar;
  • Stainless steel stove pipe kit with anchor plate, 24″ flue and cap;
  • Steel door with thermometer;
  • Optional Cucina stand;

Optional Drago P1+ Outdoor Gas Burner Kit includes:

  • Liquid Propane – 51,000 BTUs; Natural Gas – 38,000 BTUs
  • Flame control system with pilot, low and high flame settings;
  • Stainless steel guard to protect burner;
  • Remote thermocouple with wire and gauge;
  • Gas leak detector.

Fast heat up time and outstanding heat retention. The perfect home pizza oven for those who want the authenticity of wood fired cooking.

NOTE: Gas burner option only available for outdoor installations.

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To learn about pizza ovens in general, click here.

Weight 1496 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 45 × 47 in

Wood, Liquid Propane, Natural Gas


“I love that it is so versatile. We cook pizza, bread, steak, breakfast, barbecue, deserts, you name it! We love entertaining and having guests create their own pizza as everyone mingles. After cooking pizza we can do a dessert pastry, s’mores or a Dutch oven cobbler. If we want to cook breakfast or bread the next day we just place the door on the oven and it is still 200+ degrees the next morning which makes it easy to bring up to heat for whatever we have in store. It is a centerpiece in our entertainment and really makes our home. Thanks for the GREAT oven!”

Matt M. | Clinton, MS. 


“We love pizza of all kinds! We have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with our oven over the last couple years. It has been a ton of fun and great family activity!”

Maya M. | Orinda, CA


“Have had a great experience! Mostly pizzas. My friends say they’re  better than restaurant quality pizzas. :-)”

Phil S. | Illinois


“I love building outdoor entertaining spaces. I have built 4 pizza ovens, 1 for myself and 3 for clients. All are Casa2G80. I love working with the kit. It’s easy to install and easy to adapt to the style of the space we are building. These ovens heat up quick and cook amazing food!”

Nathan A. | North Chatham, MA


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