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Casa2g Series

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anatomy of pizza oven with distinct parts

interlocking joints cooking floor refactory casting floor tiles floor insulation chimney monoblock vent oven landing door and thermometer


1. Interlocking Joints:

modena2G_dome of wood fired oven

The Casa2G Series ovens feature an interlocking dome design — the same design featured in our high-end Modena Series commercial pizza ovens. The dome pieces fit tightly together, making assembly easier and giving the Casa2G ovens better heat retention and better durability. Other wood-fired ovens use a much simpler design, where the dome pieces butt loosely together — leaving large gaps in the dome that have to be patched with mortar.

2. Commercial-Grade Refractory Casting

vent of wood fired oven

The Casa2G Series ovens are cast with the industry’s highest grade refractory material, and commercial-grade casting technology. Each Casa2G dome piece is constructed using 98% pure, 81% AL2O3/SiO2 refractory material (no other oven even compares) and a two-side, machine vibrated casting processs. Rustic Italian ovens use a single sided form and hand-packed material (which explains why they have a rough surface on the inside) — which is not as dense, or accurately cast.

This high quality refractory casting enables the Casa2G ovens to deliver the industry’s fastest heat up times (as little as 30 minutes), while the density of the material and the casting technique deliver the industry’s best heat retention. In fact, the Casa2G ovens are 20% heavier than the first generation Casa ovens.

Is there a big difference? Definitely. In fact, some pizza oven suppliers offer both rustic ovens, and for a much higher price, they also offer commercial-grade residential ovens. We don’t think that is the right approach. Our commercial-grade Casa2G ovens cost a lot less than the other guy’s rustic ovens.

3. Monoblock Vent

Monoblock Vent of wood fired oven

The Casa2G Series ovens feature a monoblock, seamless vent, providing easy chimney installation and better durability. The Casa2G ovens enable direct connection of single wall stainless steel chimney pipe for outdoor installation, along with easy installation of UL103 double wall stainless steel chimney pipe for indoor installation and installation closer to combustible materials and clay pipe. By accommodating single wall stainless steel chimney pipe, the Casa2G ovens can save the homeowner a significant amount in installation costs.

The seamless design is much easier to assemble than ovens with multiple vent and adapter pieces, it is more durable than metal vents, and very importantly, it avoids the unattractive seam (and mortar patch) that other ovens have in the center of the oven opening (something you look at every time you use the oven).

4. Enclosed Cooking Floor

arch of pizza oven

The dome of the Casa2G Series oven wraps around the round cooking floor and rests on the under-oven insulating layer. While this is a more complicated and expensive manufacturing process, it provides advantages over the more simple (and lower cost) design of setting the oven dome directly on the cooking floor. Because the cooking floor is enclosed by the oven dome, the Casa2G ovens provide better heat retention and require less wood. Further, if anything were to happen to a floor tile, it can be easily replaced.

That is why virtually every commercial pizza oven in Italy features a fully enclosed cooking floor — as does the Casa2G.

5. Large Commercial Grade Floor Tiles

floor of pizza oven

The Casa2G Series oven cooking floor is constructed using highly compressed (2,700psi), kiln fired (2650ºF) 18”x18″ floor tiles. These commercial-grade tiles provde the homeowner with a number of important advantages. Compressed and kiln-fired floor tiles provide better retention for baking Pizza Napoletana and hearth bread, and they are much more durable than the cast, air-dried floor pieces you find in some other ovens.

Plus, the Casa2G ovens have fewer seams than ovens that use either standard firebricks or 12″x12″ brick floors. That is nice when you are cooking.

Do the floor pieces on some other ovens wear out? Definitely. This is a very important advantage for the Casa2G ovens.

6. 4″ Stainless Steel Chimney

chimney of pizza oven

Each Casa2G oven comes with a 24″ stainless steel chimney pipe and rain cap. The pipe slides directly into the oven’s round vent opening, making it the industry’s easiest oven to assemble. If you need your chimney to be higher, you can add more 24″ chimney pipe sections.

Of course if your installation requires double wall UL103 chimney pipe, you can install that system on the Casa2G.

7. Integral Oven Landing

Pizza Oven Landing

The Casa2G Series wood fired ovens feature an integral 8″ landing, providing a staging area for moving pizzas and pans in and out of the oven—as well as an area for cooking foods that require lower temperatures and for keeping food warm.

The landing is a valuable addition to the Casa2G ovens that is not found with other ovens.

8. Space-Age Dome and Floor Insulation

insulation for pizza oven

The Casa2G wood fired ovens are fully insulated using high-tech woven ceramic insulation. Each Casa2G  pizza oven includes 3″ (3 x 1″) ceramic blanket insulation for the oven dome, and 2″ ceramic board insulation under the oven cooking floor. Other ovens force the owner to either pay extra for expensive ceramic insulation, or find a local supplier for old-fashioned and inefficient vermiculite insulation.

The Casa2G insulation is the most efficient insulation available— which means your oven will retain heat better and cook better.

9. Sealing Door with Thermometer

Pizza Oven Door

The Casa2G Series ovens feature a fully sealing oven door jam and metal door, which are essential for proper oven operation. The pizza oven door jam and door are capable of completely cutting off the air supply and the vent from the oven cooking chamber, allowing the homeowner to control the size of the fire and if needed, completely extinguish the fire — which are necessary for controlling oven temperature, enable the oven to retain heat, and at times are needed for fire safety.

The Casa2G oven door includes a dial thermometer.

Take care not to build or purchase an oven where the vent is inside the oven chamber, behind the oven door. With this faulty design, the pizza oven will continue to breath in air through the chimney and vent even after the oven door is closed.

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