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Wood Fired Thanksgiving Meal Recipe Collection from Foodterra

Nov 15, 2019Posted by Forno Bravo

Eric Wilson is a private chef based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He specializes in “free-style cookery” focusing on fresh, local ingredients. After years of honing his craft in restaurants, he now prepares meals for clients all over the world. His enthusiasm and spontaneity continues to delight guests of all kinds!

In 2018, Forno Bravo invited Chef Eric to develop and film making a Thanksgiving Meal using his Bella wood fired oven. The results turned out beautifully — with simple to follow directions yielding mouth-wateringly-delicious results! To do the whole meal, you’ll actually start your prep about 3 days ahead of time, but with a little work each day, you will be completely ready for a relaxing Thanksgiving dinner on the big day.

So settle in and try one dish, or better yet, make the whole meal and get ready to host the best Thanksgiving Dinner ever for your family and friends. They will be talking about it for years to come!

Following is a preview of each of the elements. Click on any heading to hop over to the recipe and video for each one.

(A special shout out and thank you to the extraordinary skills of the team at Foodterra! Recipes and hosting by Chef Eric Wilson. Videography and photography by Arden Oksanen.)

Wood Fired Blistered Cranberry Jalapeño Sauce

Enjoy this recipe for a smoky, sweet, and spicy sauce as a delectable accent for the table.

Bowl-spoon-cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce on a whole new level.

Wood Fired Sous Vide Turkey

Make use of time and a combination of techniques to create a stress-free, perfectly moist bird as the centerpiece of your meal. Between quartering, brining, herb and butter marinade, sous vide cooking, and wood-fired browning (oh my!), this bird will rock your world! (…Yep, it is a lot of steps, but none of them are hard, and time does most of the work for you.)

basting turkey in wood fired oven

Final basting and browning in the wood fired oven takes this turkey over the top.

Wood Fired Turkey Gravy

A make-ahead gravy using rich, homemade turkey stock and savory aromatics, developed over time for deep, smoky flavors. Come Thanksgiving day, this gravy just needs is a quick heat up and you can use it to tie everything together.

spooning gravy on turkey

This spoonful of gravy is sure bliss.

Wood Fired Sourdough Stuffing

A rustic side stuffing full of moisture and the flavors of pancetta, fruit, herbs, wild rice, stock, and sourdough bread; toasted and served in a cast iron pan.

bowl of stuffing

A very “unboring” stuffing dish. Incredibly Delicious and moist.

Wood Fired Brown Butter Yams

A yam dish that’s velvety smooth and elevated with rich, nutty brown butter and buttermilk. After trying this, you will never go back to plain Russet potatoes again!

bowl of yams topped with chives

A delightful side dish of sweet potatoes to compliment the turkey.

Wood Fired Shaved Brussels Sprouts

A healthy, make-ahead dish that comes together in a snap in your wood fired oven. Great for Thanksgiving or just about any other occasion!

cast iron pan of Brussels sprouts-wood fire

Roasting the vegetables to start off the dish.

Wood Fired Pumpkin Crostata

A thin, Italian baked tart with a flaky, pastry-dough crust enfolding a caramelized pumpkin filling. This is the wood-fired answer to a classic pumpkin pie.

cut slice of pumpkin crostata

A divine dessert that can be traced back centuries.


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