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Wood Fired Oven Pot Holder

Oct 23, 2015Posted by Forno Bravo

Many wood fired oven enthusiasts make more than pizza in their ovens and a favorite cooking accessory is a cast iron skillet.  Peter Reinhart, Todd Fisher and Brigit Binns all used Lodge cast iron skillets in their cooking demonstrations at the Forno Bravo Expo this year.  Peter cooked a melody of seafood in the skillet first, then cooked the pizza dough and added the seafood as topping to the pizza.  Brigit fried “popcorn” olives and then baked chicken thighs that melted in your mouth.  Chef Todd baked a whole red snapper and a shrimp dish.   You can find their recipes in the Community Cookbook.

Here’s a clever idea from a Forno Bravo Casa oven owner, Jamie T. that we could have used at the Expo.  He frequently uses cast iron pans to cook in his oven and couldn’t find a pot holder rugged enough to withstand the heat but comfortable when holding the pan.  He came up with the answer by combining the softness of a piece of terry cloth towel and the durability of a silicone pot holder.  According to Jamie, it “works like a champ”!

As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention!”

Here are Jamie’s step-by-step instructions:



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