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Why Isn’t There More Pizza Innovation?

Oct 25, 2012Posted by Forno Bravo

We’ve been blogging recently about innovation and pizza ovens. And today we read an article by an industry consultant in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry who is wondering why there isn’t more innovation in pizza itself; aptly titled “Why isn’t there more pizza innovation?

And he gives Forno Bravo a nice plug, which is nice in an article about improving quick service pizza.

Thinking a little more about, “Why isn’t there more pizza innovation?” is a really good question. I guess you could pose the questions slightly differently — why isn’t fast-food pizza better? Or even better — why is fast-food pizza so awful? After all, pizza takes about 90 seconds to bake in a wood-fired pizza oven. Couldn’t that be good fast food?


Here’s an excerpt:

I recently visited a large QSR and fast casual foodservice equipment distribution company and was surprised to see what the management called “pizza oven innovation.” Needless to say, it represented a watered down technology version of authentic pizza ovens labeled Acunto Ovens or Forno Bravo ovens. It was quite obvious, and disappointing, to see well-known food chains fit authentic pizza oven characteristics and functionality into watered down technology ovens.

And a little later:

…Without an oven that is able to reach 900 degrees, you will not be able to create the crust texture that you expect for a Neapolitan pizza. This extremely high temperature is mandatory to get a slightly charred, pliable crust associated with true pizza. Another well know global brand is Forno Bravo Ovens.

You can read the whole article here — it  is worth the read.



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